Wednesday, October 21, 2015

These Precious Moments - November 2015

-Bear Bear doesn't say triceratops, he says my-ceratops

-If Bear Bear is in the middle of something and I try to get him to do something different he holds his hand up, Palm to me, and says "Hold a sec-en!" Cute as shit. 

-He has started standing with his hands on his hips. Just like his momma. 

-For some reason he has started calling me mom-mom instead of mommy. Not sure where he picked that up. 

-Instead of R2D2 he says R2-Gui-doo. Apparently R2D2 has a cousin from jersey lol

-Nathamiel has started babbling and it is so freaking cute. William has started babbling too but it sounds less like cute baby babble and more like "duh, duh, duh, DUH!" Followed by the highest squeal you have ever heard. 

-The twins have started using utensils! They're a little late to that milestone but we're not sweating it. 

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