Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin patch

We finally made it to a pumpkin patch! It has been ungodly hot up until this weekend but we have finally gotten some fall weather!! It only lasts until about two in the afternoon but we take we can get here in Texas. 

I had been looking forward to this particular fall festival for some time and it didn't disappoint! It is a small neighborhood festival but they still had plenty to do and the pumpkin patch was great!!! William (surprisingly) was unaffected by this great event and only wanted me to hold him, Bear Bear had a good time but Nathaniel LOVED IT! He started climbing all over the pumpkins and never looked back. 

There were lots of little activities for kids but Bear Bear enjoyed crushing cans the best. I think we will have to make this for home. 

And of course the bounce castle was Bear Bear's favorite. I'm beginning to see why these things are so popular at birthday parties. I used to kind of scoff at parents who rented them (Oh, they got a bounce castle, how original) but now....oooh ho ho now I see. I may get one 
permanently installed in the backyard.

The festival was held at a neighborhood park, I think that Williams favorite part of the day was playing on the playground equipment and in the sand pit. 

We decided to not take the stroller thinking that if one of us has to stay with the stroller then that leaves the other parent dealing with all three boys by themselves and the boys are old enough to walk around for extended periods of time so let's wear them out!! We patted ourselves on the back for our superb parenting insight. 

We were oh so wrong. 

This adventure, like many of our adventures, was a learning experience. Basically we learned that, at this age we can't take the boys out by ourselves. We need an extra set of hands or we need to take the stroller so we can strap one or two kids down and give us a chance. 


I feel like we should have this figured out by now (which is dumb because the boys are always evolving so just when you figure out one stage its time for the next one). 

I feel like strapping them into the stroller is coping out, like we're not taking the time to teach our kids how to act in public (which is dumb because if all the boys are out running in different directions there is simply not the time to teach them anything, I'm just trying to keep them from killing themselves. If there is only one kid out then at least we teach that kid how to act right and by swapping them out we'll eventually get to all of them). 

I feel like if we took them out more, and if I did more interactive stuff with them they would be better behaved (this is true...and not dumb).


Nothing goes right and in your head it is all.your.fault. 
Which is ridiculous.  

Next weekend we are going to try to attend the Houston ArBOOetum! We went last year and it was a blast. But last year the twins weren't walking yet. 

This year we will also be taking my mom. 


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