Thursday, September 10, 2015

Visiting the Houston Arboretum

I can't believe I forgot to upload this post!

Weeks and weeks ago, in the middle of the summer, Barry had to take a week long work trip to New York so we had a vehicle for a whole week! 

Being my ambitious self I decided that after dropping Barry off at the airport I would take the boys to the Houston Arboretum. They have some nice nature trails that would be plenty long enough to wear the boys out while introducing them to the idea of hiking. 

I. Had. A. BLAST! Not sure about the boys though.  :)

It was ungodly hot (look at Nathaniel's little cheeks!) but there was plenty of shade and a small breeze. 

This was pretty much how the whole hike went. Barry couldn't figure out where we were going and William was finding every. single. blackberry thorn bush. Nathaniel was torn between trying to run around and trying to look everywhere at once. 

These boys did looooove the wooden platforms. Thankfully there were a ton of them. They loved the way their shoes thumped as they ran. 

There was a nice little spot for us to sit down and get rehydrated. There were also plenty of benches along the trail. 

We had a ton of fun and as it gets cooler I know we will be spending a lot of time here. We only did the inner loop but I hope to work them up to the outer loop. Next time I might take them to the Challenger Seven Memorial Park where there are nature trails and playgrounds to keep them happy. 

I just love being outdoorsy with these boys!

-Maria's what it's like trying to pee with three toddlers that are not strapped down to a stroller. 

You're welcome.

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