Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer of 2015 Bucket List

Here it is! Our first seasonal bucket list! I am so happy to share this with you! I spent many, many hours scouring Pinterest for fun things that would work for our family. As the weeks go on I will be posting our adventures and will link the posts to this page. So here it is, our:

Summer of 2015
bucket list

Outdoor Activities:

Visit 10 different parks
Go Swimming
Watch Fireworks
Draw with Chalk
Bubble Guns or rent a bubble machine
Go get sno-cones
Watch a sunrise
Watch a sunset
Catch Fireflies
Go on a picnic
Make Smores
Pick Fresh Fruit
Read outside
Water Balloon Fight
Ride Bikes
Play in the rain
Lay in a hammock
Wash the Car
Fly a kite
Play Frisbee
Plant a garden
Picture Scavenger Hunt
Water gun fight
Slip and Slide
Play Catch
Rent a bouncy house
Ice block with toys
Giant Bubbles
Sponge Ball War
Melt Ice Cubes
Bury a Time Capsule

Indoor Activities:

Finger paint
Color Big Pages
Read Lots of Books
Singe Lots of Songs
Make a Paper Bag Puppet
Make Popsicles
Make a Fort
Make Ice Cream
Make Jam
Make Lemonade
Make cheerio necklaces
Play with Lego Blocks
Marshmallow Shooters
Make Ice Cream Sandwiches
Make Sno Cones
Make Paper Wind Sock
Make Jello Jigglers
Make suckers
Home made Root Beer
Do a science project
Banana Splits
Nerf Sword Fights

Places to go:

Moody Gardens
         -Whole Family
         -Bear Bear
         -Palm Beach
Observation Tower
Children’s Museum
Galveston Beach
         -Dolphin Tour
         -Build a sandcastle
         -Bury dad in the sand
         -Feed the seagulls
         -Ride the Ferry
         -Visit the Board Walk
Surfside Beach
Baseball Game/Sporting Event
Visit 5 Splash Pads
George Ranch
Frobergs Farm
Alvin Animal Safari
Visit Farmer’s Markets
Sam Houston State Park
Visit a lake
Go to the Library
Free tour of the Ship Channel
Visit Dad at Work
Visit the police horses
State Fair
Feed the ducks at a pond
Amusement Park
Visit a historical site
Tour a fire station
Tour a factory
Bay Area Waterpark
Discovery Green Concert
Discovery Green Movie Night
Miller Outdoor Theater
Taco Truck
Drive In Movie
Kemah Boardwalk
Go to a Festival
Demolition Derby
Go to a Carnival
Tour historic home
San Jacinto State Park

Mom and Dad Only:

Go bowling
Ropes Date at Moody Gardens
Mini Golf
Wii Date Night
River Trip

I really doubt that we will able to complete all of this but I am sure this summer is going to be the best yet!!! I can't wait!

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