Saturday, April 25, 2015

4 Miles of Awesome

Today I hit a milestone in my training.

I have always wondered how long distance runners maintain such a punishing pace over long distances. I'm okay with trotting along at a leisurely pace for miles and miles, I can do that. But how do you push yourself for 10, 15, 26.2 miles? I can practically sprint two miles and I'm really comfortable pushing myself over three miles. But that is kind of my comfort zone.

I smashed that comfort zone today.

Its kind of like when I ran ten miles the first time. After that point it became clear to me that I have no excuse to walk during a single digit run ever again. 

Today I ran four miles at just over a 10 and a half minute per mile pace. That is pretty amazing for me. And if I can do that for four miles, I can do it for three. And if I can do this for four miles, there is no reason I should run two miles over a ten minute pace ever again. 

I'm starting to find myself in the realm of "no excuses" and it's pretty awesome. 

I really needed this kick in the butt today. I've been having some serious get-up-and-go issues lately. This is a perfect example why you just keep running, eventually you are going to have an awesome run that will change everything.

I have a seven mile run on Sunday. My distances are starting to creep up and I'm loving it.

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