Friday, February 6, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 2

Today I woke up...cautiously. Everyone was still asleep so before I got up I did an evaluation on my body. Headache? No. Hungry? No. Groggy? No. Body aches? No. I felt...normal. 

Also, I lost three pounds! Now don't get too excited, my water weight fluctuates between 4-7 pounds a day. Its frustrating as hell. But losing 3 pounds in a day is still good news!

The day has dragged on like every other day but other than that it has gone pretty well. I got hungry around one this afternoon but I realized it was because I hadn't finished my morning juice and I was behind on my lunch juice. 

I made a second batch of potassium broth and it has saved the day again. The first time I forgot to add the beet and spinach and it made a big difference. The taste was still great, just heartier. 

I've felt pretty good all day but it has felt just like any other day which I guess is amazing since I haven't really eaten any solid food in two days. No headache this time!! I'm feeling way more positive about actually finishing this thing! I did have a bit of a short temper this evening but that may just be because I'm tired and the boys were especially rambunctious tonight. 

Everyone says day three is the hardest but then the shift happens and day four is supposed to be when all the energy and mental clarity comes in. I'm definitely looking forward to it. 

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