Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Night To Remember

I would love to be able to tell you that the title of this post comes from a wonderful date night that Barry put together for us, we had a candlelit dinner, followed by a show at the theater, we danced, and watched the sun rise over the ocean....

But no. 

That's not what happened. 

What follows is the play by play of my night last night. ;)

6:45 - Wow. The boys actually ate a pretty good portion of their dinner. With minimal screaming. That's odd. Hm. These colds must be really wearing them out. 

7:15 - I think Nathaniel is actually ready to go to bed. But it's too early. But he's falling asleep on the floor. All right, to bed with him. 

7:20 -Aaaand there goes William. I guess I'll put him to bed too. Poor babies, hopefully they'll get some good sleep and feel better in the morning. Maybe tonight I'll get my cleaning done and still have time to work on my cross stitch! Yay!

8:30 - Aaaah... The cleaning is done, Barry took Bear Bear to bed with him. The house is quiet and clean, I have control over the tv! I'll put Vampire Diaries on in the background and work on my cross stitch! Finally! Some free time for mommy!

Fourteen stitches later...

*William cries from the nursery*

8:50 - Poor William sounds like a pot of coffee percolating! Time for the snot sucker! *twenty minutes of crying and rocking him to sleep*

9:30 - Omg! Nathaniel! Why is he shrieking! He's so dramatic lol! 

9:45 - Ok, we've cuddled, rocked, swaddled, given him something to drink, walked around the house, and sang to him. Maybe he has a tooth coming in, I'll give him some Tylenol just in case he's hurting. 

10:13 - Nathaniel! Go the eff to sleep! This crying is nuts! 

10:20 - Oh thank god, the Tylenol is finally working. A little bit of rocking and he'll finally go to sleep. 

10:35 - Aaaah.... Finally. Quiet. Cross stitch. 

10:40 - WTF!!!! William! Why are you awake!!!

10:50 - So. Much. Snot. 

11:00 - "Mommy! Wat-eh! Wat-eh!"

11:05 - Nathaniel...if you wake your brother up so help me god...

11:07 - Damnit Nathaniel! 

11:10 - Ok! Maybe I'll put a movie on to distract them from themselves. Frozen it is!

12:00 - They're still awake. I wonder if I should put on a pot of coffee. 

12:45 - Finally. They must be so tired. Maybe they'll stay asleep. 

1:30 - Oh these sheet feel so goo- wet. Damnit bear bear! Fresh sheets it is. 

2:30 - "Mommy! Wat-eh! Wat-eh!" Bear Bear! You're not even awake!!

3:00 - All right William. You're just going to come to bed with me. 

Needless to say, last night was eventful. :) but we had some good cuddles and I did get some cross stitching done so there's that. 

The boys are in that stage of sickness where they're well enough to want to do stuff but too sick to actually do stuff. Barry is working (yay!) but I'm starting to get sick so my plan is to stick something in the crock pot and watch cartoons all day. That's about all my brain can handle right now. 

What do you guys do when the whole family is sick?

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