Wednesday, October 21, 2015

These Precious Moments - November 2015

-Bear Bear doesn't say triceratops, he says my-ceratops

-If Bear Bear is in the middle of something and I try to get him to do something different he holds his hand up, Palm to me, and says "Hold a sec-en!" Cute as shit. 

-He has started standing with his hands on his hips. Just like his momma. 

-For some reason he has started calling me mom-mom instead of mommy. Not sure where he picked that up. 

-Instead of R2D2 he says R2-Gui-doo. Apparently R2D2 has a cousin from jersey lol

-Nathamiel has started babbling and it is so freaking cute. William has started babbling too but it sounds less like cute baby babble and more like "duh, duh, duh, DUH!" Followed by the highest squeal you have ever heard. 

-The twins have started using utensils! They're a little late to that milestone but we're not sweating it. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Day in Which a Tire Swing was Hung

There has been a tire in our front yard for about three months. 

This tire has lived its life, taking us around Houston, all the way to Pennsylvania and back (twice), on adventures to Galveston, and many trips to Nana and Papa's house. We replaced it with some new tires at the beginning of the summer and it has resided in our front yard since then.

Yesterday it started its new job.

It started with a humble trip to Home Depot. Barry took the little man and they bonded over nuts and bolts and all manner of manly items before they came home. They drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the tire.

William wanted to help drill the holes for the eyelet bolts. 

We hung it low to begin with so the boys could play around on it without getting hurt. 

The cutest pictures you guys!

We stuck a bucket in it so the twins could ride a little easier. 

William refused a nap earlier (so frustrating! Momma needs her downtime, damnit!)
so he took a late nap in the swing. I didn't even feel bad. 

I finally got to swing with my boys! The way Barry hung it it is strong enough for me to get on it!
I was so excited! Then Bear Bear said:

"Mommy, you can't wide (ride), you too bwig."

Thanks baby. 

Ahhh the joys of motherhood. 


Pumpkin patch

We finally made it to a pumpkin patch! It has been ungodly hot up until this weekend but we have finally gotten some fall weather!! It only lasts until about two in the afternoon but we take we can get here in Texas. 

I had been looking forward to this particular fall festival for some time and it didn't disappoint! It is a small neighborhood festival but they still had plenty to do and the pumpkin patch was great!!! William (surprisingly) was unaffected by this great event and only wanted me to hold him, Bear Bear had a good time but Nathaniel LOVED IT! He started climbing all over the pumpkins and never looked back. 

There were lots of little activities for kids but Bear Bear enjoyed crushing cans the best. I think we will have to make this for home. 

And of course the bounce castle was Bear Bear's favorite. I'm beginning to see why these things are so popular at birthday parties. I used to kind of scoff at parents who rented them (Oh, they got a bounce castle, how original) but now....oooh ho ho now I see. I may get one 
permanently installed in the backyard.

The festival was held at a neighborhood park, I think that Williams favorite part of the day was playing on the playground equipment and in the sand pit. 

We decided to not take the stroller thinking that if one of us has to stay with the stroller then that leaves the other parent dealing with all three boys by themselves and the boys are old enough to walk around for extended periods of time so let's wear them out!! We patted ourselves on the back for our superb parenting insight. 

We were oh so wrong. 

This adventure, like many of our adventures, was a learning experience. Basically we learned that, at this age we can't take the boys out by ourselves. We need an extra set of hands or we need to take the stroller so we can strap one or two kids down and give us a chance. 


I feel like we should have this figured out by now (which is dumb because the boys are always evolving so just when you figure out one stage its time for the next one). 

I feel like strapping them into the stroller is coping out, like we're not taking the time to teach our kids how to act in public (which is dumb because if all the boys are out running in different directions there is simply not the time to teach them anything, I'm just trying to keep them from killing themselves. If there is only one kid out then at least we teach that kid how to act right and by swapping them out we'll eventually get to all of them). 

I feel like if we took them out more, and if I did more interactive stuff with them they would be better behaved (this is true...and not dumb).


Nothing goes right and in your head it is all.your.fault. 
Which is ridiculous.  

Next weekend we are going to try to attend the Houston ArBOOetum! We went last year and it was a blast. But last year the twins weren't walking yet. 

This year we will also be taking my mom. 


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Visiting the Houston Arboretum

I can't believe I forgot to upload this post!

Weeks and weeks ago, in the middle of the summer, Barry had to take a week long work trip to New York so we had a vehicle for a whole week! 

Being my ambitious self I decided that after dropping Barry off at the airport I would take the boys to the Houston Arboretum. They have some nice nature trails that would be plenty long enough to wear the boys out while introducing them to the idea of hiking. 

I. Had. A. BLAST! Not sure about the boys though.  :)

It was ungodly hot (look at Nathaniel's little cheeks!) but there was plenty of shade and a small breeze. 

This was pretty much how the whole hike went. Barry couldn't figure out where we were going and William was finding every. single. blackberry thorn bush. Nathaniel was torn between trying to run around and trying to look everywhere at once. 

These boys did looooove the wooden platforms. Thankfully there were a ton of them. They loved the way their shoes thumped as they ran. 

There was a nice little spot for us to sit down and get rehydrated. There were also plenty of benches along the trail. 

We had a ton of fun and as it gets cooler I know we will be spending a lot of time here. We only did the inner loop but I hope to work them up to the outer loop. Next time I might take them to the Challenger Seven Memorial Park where there are nature trails and playgrounds to keep them happy. 

I just love being outdoorsy with these boys!

-Maria's what it's like trying to pee with three toddlers that are not strapped down to a stroller. 

You're welcome.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall Bucket List - 2015

I'm so excited for this fall!!!

Of course, it doesn't feel like fall yet. Our daily highs are still in the low 90s but today it is dreary and about 85 degrees out so I'm saying its fall damnit!

I was inspired so this morning I picked up around the house, lit a couple of fall themed candles and sat down to figure out our Fall Bucket List. 

fall bucket list:

Indoor activities:

 watch a Halloween movie with themed dinner
 roast pumpkin seeds
 watch or attend the thanksgiving parade
 trick or treat smell my feet plates
 make handprint bats
 Halloween bowling
 apple print pumpkins
 read Halloween books
 read fall books
 finger paint
 make a fort
 color big pages
 food and drink to make:
                                    -apple cider
                                    -mulled wine
                                    -something pumpkin-y
                                    -crock pot stew
                                    -pumpkin pancakes
                                    -jello jigglers
movies to watch
                                    -practical magic
                                    -hocus pocus
                                    -classic monster movie
                                    -the thing
                                    -the fog
                                    -abc family’s Halloween marathon
                                    -All the Harry Potter Films

things to do:

 enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte
 drink pumpkin ale or beer
 carve pumpkins
 throw a mini tailgating party
 fall photo challenge

Outdoor Activities:

have a bonfire in the backyard
have a picnic
go trick or treating, take photos of costumes
drink hot chocolate on the front porch
play in the leaves
fall scavenger hunt
take a foggy morning walk
draw with chalk
catch fireflies
make smores
ride bikes
play Frisbee
play catch

places to go:

arbooetum (canceled due to rain)
blessington Farms pumpkin patch
fall themed photos
corn maze
go on a hay ride
attend a fall festival OR pumpkin patch
run a turkey trot
go to boo at the zoo (canceled due to rain)
go apple picking/visit an orchard
drive in movie
go antiquing
visit a farmer’s market in the country
visit an octoberfest
haunted house
visit nature parks
moody gardens
children’s museum
george ranch
froberg’s farm
sam Houston state park
go to the library
state fair?
visit a historical site
tour a factory
discovery green 

Its a pretty decent list, I don't know that we will make it through everything but the boys are getting older and it is getting easier to get them out of the house.  Last fall we took a trip up to Pennsylvania. I'm really missing how much fun we had. While we can't make that trip again this year I'm hoping this fall will be full of fun! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer of 2015 Bucket List

Here it is! Our first seasonal bucket list! I am so happy to share this with you! I spent many, many hours scouring Pinterest for fun things that would work for our family. As the weeks go on I will be posting our adventures and will link the posts to this page. So here it is, our:

Summer of 2015
bucket list

Outdoor Activities:

Visit 10 different parks
Go Swimming
Watch Fireworks
Draw with Chalk
Bubble Guns or rent a bubble machine
Go get sno-cones
Watch a sunrise
Watch a sunset
Catch Fireflies
Go on a picnic
Make Smores
Pick Fresh Fruit
Read outside
Water Balloon Fight
Ride Bikes
Play in the rain
Lay in a hammock
Wash the Car
Fly a kite
Play Frisbee
Plant a garden
Picture Scavenger Hunt
Water gun fight
Slip and Slide
Play Catch
Rent a bouncy house
Ice block with toys
Giant Bubbles
Sponge Ball War
Melt Ice Cubes
Bury a Time Capsule

Indoor Activities:

Finger paint
Color Big Pages
Read Lots of Books
Singe Lots of Songs
Make a Paper Bag Puppet
Make Popsicles
Make a Fort
Make Ice Cream
Make Jam
Make Lemonade
Make cheerio necklaces
Play with Lego Blocks
Marshmallow Shooters
Make Ice Cream Sandwiches
Make Sno Cones
Make Paper Wind Sock
Make Jello Jigglers
Make suckers
Home made Root Beer
Do a science project
Banana Splits
Nerf Sword Fights

Places to go:

Moody Gardens
         -Whole Family
         -Bear Bear
         -Palm Beach
Observation Tower
Children’s Museum
Galveston Beach
         -Dolphin Tour
         -Build a sandcastle
         -Bury dad in the sand
         -Feed the seagulls
         -Ride the Ferry
         -Visit the Board Walk
Surfside Beach
Baseball Game/Sporting Event
Visit 5 Splash Pads
George Ranch
Frobergs Farm
Alvin Animal Safari
Visit Farmer’s Markets
Sam Houston State Park
Visit a lake
Go to the Library
Free tour of the Ship Channel
Visit Dad at Work
Visit the police horses
State Fair
Feed the ducks at a pond
Amusement Park
Visit a historical site
Tour a fire station
Tour a factory
Bay Area Waterpark
Discovery Green Concert
Discovery Green Movie Night
Miller Outdoor Theater
Taco Truck
Drive In Movie
Kemah Boardwalk
Go to a Festival
Demolition Derby
Go to a Carnival
Tour historic home
San Jacinto State Park

Mom and Dad Only:

Go bowling
Ropes Date at Moody Gardens
Mini Golf
Wii Date Night
River Trip

I really doubt that we will able to complete all of this but I am sure this summer is going to be the best yet!!! I can't wait!

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