Monday, October 27, 2014

Gritty Goddess - 5K Mud Run

It's been wild over here for the last two months. You should expect to see a bunch of posts coming soon - aaallllll outta order. :)

A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to run the Gritty Goddess again and it was a blast! The number one thing I learned this time around was to go ahead and bite the bullet and just sign up for the second wave of the race. I ended up waiting in a HUGE line at one obstacle. Other than that it was a great race and I can't wait for the Rennaissance Run in May! 

The starting line is always rough, people are staring their heart rate monitors and everyone is always trying to get through the starting line first. Or they're talking about how excited they are. :)

As with most fun mud runs (not the spartan/military/tough mudder style races) none of the obstacles are particularly difficult. This race was women only and was a great segue into mud races for those who have never done one. 

There's usually a fair amount of climbing so a little bit of arm strength goes a long way. As I said in my other post about training for mud runs, really all you have to do is add some bicep curls and some push-ups to your regular running regiment. 

The biggest tip I can share for getting through mud runs is to really try to think outside the box. For instance, with this obstacle many girls tried to put all their body weight on their feet and they kept slipping because they couldn't quite maintain their balance but if you used your arms to hold your weight then you had plenty of time to put your feet in the right slots.

It's a mud run. You're gonna get dirty. :) You caaaaan go around any obstacle you want, but it's worth it to just go all in. 

The obstacles you're going to get most hung up on are obstacles that have to deal with any sort of heights above 5 feet. People get scared when they reach the top and then they freak out and have trouble getting down on the other side and you end up having to wait for them. This is another reason why you want to go ahead and get the first or second wave. 

This was actually the hardest obstacle they had there and the one with the longest line. The ridges were pretty tiny and sometimes it didn't matter how agile you were, if you had the wrong shoes on you weren't going to make it up there so many people had to try it a couple times to get up top. 

Like I said. People get stuck on high obstacles. 

Another tip, wear a bandana and make sure anything that can get caught is tucked away. Many girls got their ponytails (and hair decorations) caught. The buckle on the should strap of my bra got caught and I spent a few minutes (literally) trying to detach myself. 

This race was held on marshland. This stretch of mud STANK. Not all the mud was stinky but this pit was pretty serious.

The walls are usually the toughest obstacle to get over. I find that going to th edge is helpful. If you get the first couple of waves the mud on the ledges won't be as bad so that will help too. 

Finally! The finish line!

I had a great time! I've learned a couple things and I can't wait to implement them in the next race!

If you have any questions, ask away! These races are so much fun and they have such a great community feeling to them. At these races you get the full gauntlet of people and personalities; there are althletes and couch potatoes, the fearful and the fearless, the serious and the silly. Don't let anything keep you away from doing something so fun! 


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