Monday, August 11, 2014

Must Haves for Baby's Second Month - Baby Edition

-->Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle n’ Swing with ACAdaptor: For the love of god get the ac adapter! If you remember nothing else REMEMBER THE AC ADAPTER!!!! Ok, on to my story. My boy had colic. I would never wish upon my enemy this affliction. My dear, sweet little boy would scream and cry for six hours straight every night. I felt terrible for him but this swing was a godsend. If you don't have the money to buy one new look on craigslist. They run about $70. I was lucky that the one I found was from a mom whose baby hated it. It had been used twice and I got it for $75. Mine does not have the ac adapter and we go through batteries like nothing you've ever seen before. Other than the ac adapter, most swings are pretty universal in their specs so I would just go with whatever color you like best. :)

-->Little Noses Sterile Saline Mist & The FirstYears Red Cross Nasal Aspirator :
  Our little one had the worst snotty little nose lol. I've seen the saline drops but I can't imagine using them. The saline mists are so easy to use and they work really well at loosening the snot enough so you can suck it out with the nasal aspirator. Also, if they give you one of the blue nasal bulbs at the hospital, don't throw it away! They are, hands down, the best aspirators. The Red Cross one is the best I've found on a store shelf but it still doesn't touch the blue  hospital ones. THIS ONE is available on amazon and it is sold by a medical supply company so it may be the same but I haven't tried it yet. 

-->Wellements Organic Gripe Water
Oh. em. gee. This works awesome for colic. I swear to you we gave him this mixed with a little bit of breast milk, put him in the swing and he calmed right down! This stuff is amazing! We tried a couple different brands and this one worked best for us. I think it was the chamomile that did it, this is the only brand that uses it. Gripe Water doesn't work for every baby but it saved us!

We didn't use this exact brand but I totally plan on getting one the next time we go to target!!! We have the regular Safety First nail clippers that came with our kit. He squirms. A Lot. Cutting his nails should be an olympic sport and I can only clip them when he is sleeping so that little light would make a world of a difference.

-->Safety First Interchangeable Tip Thermometer
Ok, this particular set didn't work for us but the idea is fantastic. I think this brand has a "pro-grade" version but the one I got was like four bucks on clearance so I got what I paid for. Ours doesn't really work too well but it is awesome knowing we have a thermometer that does it all - underarm, rectal, and oral. You should really have a thermometer before two months (like immediately) but we didn't need one till our boy had his first round of shots. Babies can run a little fever after their shots, ours didn't but we had the thermometer just in case. 

-->Child of Mine by Carters Newborn Mittens
I went round an' round with mittens. These are the most effective, cheapest set I could find. The boy scratches himself so bad sometimes it is heartbreaking and sometimes...when it stops him from scratching himself awake five minutes after I spent two hours trying to get him to go to sleep...they help keep me from having mental breakdowns. :) I went through about eight sets before I found these. The other cheap sets had the elastic visible and would rub against the boy's wrists. No good. And sometimes the elastic would just snap for no good reason. I always wanted to try guavamitts but I couldn't see spending $12 on mittens. I wish I had just done it because I ended up spending wayyy more on cheap mittens that didn't work.

Fisher Price My Penguin Pal Discover ‘n Grow 2-in-1Musical Mirror
My boy LOVED this mirror! It really helped out with tummy time. 

Ergo Baby Carrier
 We've been through two different carries before this one and I have to say this Ergo carrier is sooooooo worth the money. With Bear Bear we used the Infantino Flip Baby Carrier and the K'Tan He hated the K'Tan and I found the flip carrier to be painful although Barry could wear it for hours. HERE is a great article, written by a real mom, on carriers and their effect on infant hip development. And HERE is the fancy-smancy article by the Hip Dysplasia Insitute, and HERE is an article about the importance of ergonomics in baby wearing written by the peeps at ErgoBaby. You should definitely read it before you buy a carrier although the cliff notes version is to buy a carrier where your baby's leg are going out, and not where they are dangling from the crotch.

We paid $120 for our grey Ergo carrier because I was at my wits end. They are on Craigslist for about $70 a pop. I love Craigslist!

Best. Chime. EVER! All my boys loved this chime. I've run it through the washing machine twice (in a lingerie bag, air dry ). This has a lovely tinkling-deep-chime sound that is hard to explain but I sounds way better than your basic cheap bell. It is long enough to dangle from the car seat handle so your baby can still touch it and the bottom has some great toys to chew on. 

 DIFFERENT Bottles & Pacifiers!
This. Is. Important! It sucks. I know. But the fact is that no matter how much research you do, you wont know what bottle to get until your child is old enough to take one. I did reasearch for MONTHS!!!! I'm not kidding - MONTHS!!!! We started with the Avent bottles but because Bear Bear had colic we switched to the Dr. Brown bottles. We loooooove the Doc B bottles, they are a pain to wash if you don't have a dishwasher but they are amazing. They also have different kinds of bottles (plastic, glass, tall, short, wide mouth). Looking back I would get the wide mouth (they weren't available when we purchased ours) because the tall skinny bottles are a bitch to fill up. 

I hope you guys find this helpful! Leave your questions in the comments!!!



  1. These are fantastic recs! How did you make the collage?

  2. I used Microsoft word. Probably totally lame but it's the only way I know how to do it. I just use a regular blank doc and add text boxes then drag the pictures into the boxes.


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