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Medieval Mud Run and Mud Run Tips!

About two months ago my bestest, most wonderful friend Ashlie came down from Dallas to see me and my babies. It happened to fall on a weekend where I was supposed to run a 5K obstacle course race. To cut a long, convoluted story short I put off buying a ticket for the race until the last minute and then decided I wouldn't go because I didn't want to spend the money. Two weeks before the race a friend offered me a ticket for super cheap and I gladly took him up on his offer.

He runs a 10 minute mile, I walk/shuffle a 14 minute mile. The "race" was comical. He's also roughly 14 feet taller than me so his stride is huge  his walking pace is my jogging pace. Comical.

It took three attempts but I finally got over!

We still had a blast and I was so thankful that Ashlie could get a couple pics of me going through the race. My first obstacle course race was the Gritty Goddess which was a lot of fun. I so love doing these races and I look forward to getting to the point where I can really run and do these races and feel all Lara Croft-y. Right now I feel like the chubby kid in gym class. Three babies in two years will do that to a girl. :)

One of the rare moments when I was running and not gasping for air.

Because I'm a list kinda gal I put together a little list of things I've learned about doing the races.

What kind of training do you do?

Pssshhhh! I don't. When I did the Gritty Goddess it was no big deal. It was only 7 months after I had had Bear Bear (and I was 1 month preggers with the twins) but I had retained some muscle from before getting pregnant. With the Medieval Mud Run I had no idea just how much muscle I had lost of the past two years. I had some serious trouble getting over a couple of the obstacles! If I had all the time in the world to train I would train for a regular 5k and add in some basic weight training with special attention to arm strength. Everyone knows your legs get tired while running but no one ever mentions how tired your arms get!!! I would add some push ups to the end of every run at the very least

What to Wear:

-Head Gear: I love running in bandanas. I hate my hair getting in my face and no headband is going to make it through the mud and the muck. 

-Shirt: Wicking shirts are best. For the love of god stay away from cotton. It will grab all the mud and water and weigh you down for the rest of the race. A fitted, wicking tank top would be best. 

-Bra/Underwear: NO COTTON. I think there are such things as fitness undies but I've never tried them. I think I'll give them a shot but until then I just wear thin, "silky" undies. Mud will get into your underwear. Sorry but it's true. Wear a sports bra but know that it acts as a scoop for the mud. Girl problems.

-Fingerless gloves with a rubbery palm: This isn't really necessary but the last time I did a run they squirted us down with a large hose and then expected us to go across monkey bars. It was impossible with wet hands. So now I run with the gloves because I have a pansy grip. 

-Pants: Let me say again: NO COTTON. Seriously, I wore black "yoga" pants to my first race and I almost lost them in the mud pit. Running shorts with the biking shorts sewn in are great but your legs will get cut up. I like using the tight wicking fitness pants that go down mid calf. I wore the shorts at my last race and my legs got all kinds of cut up. 

-Socks: Non-cotton ankle socks. 

-Shoes: There are two schools of thought on this. Some people want to wear older nice running shoes since they'll be running three miles. Other people wear the old shoes they use for mowing the yard. Your shoes are going to get effed up. A lot of people throw away their shoes after the race. I wore my old running shoes and I totally regret it. Walmart carries sneakers for around $10-15. Just get those.

What to bring

-Chapstick (that has sunscreen in it) 
-Change of Clothes (including shoes)
-2+ Gallons of water: we leave these in the car to get nice and warm so we can do a final rinse before getting into the car
-Cheapo waterproof camera: I saw some girls with these at the Medeival Mud Rum and I was insanely jealous. :)
-Tight Fitting or running sunglasses. I wore big girly glasses because they were all I had and they bounced all over my face. Ideally you should make these easily replaceable. There is a significant chance they could be knocked off into a quicksand pit, never to be seen again. 
-Trash bag for your old clothes and a couple of trash bags to cover up your seat in the car, just in case all efforts to get clean are thwarted. 
-Towels: one for you, one for the car. 
-Baby wipes are great for general cleaning. We use pampers sensitive. I don't know what is in them but those puppies get EVERYTHING clean. 
-CASH- I would bring about $50 in denominations 10 and under. Even if the event is being held in a location that usually allows cards, they may not have that part up and running for the single day. It was like this at the Medieval Mud Run, tons of ATMs and none were functional since it was during the off season. You might have to pay for parking and that is usually cash only. 
-Under nail cleaner: pet peeve of mine. I hate stuff under my nails and mud WILL get under there. 
-Post run snack: most places have post run foods, sneak a snack in anyways since the lines are usually long. 
-Simple first aid kit: there will be a medical team there to supervise the race so if anything goes terribly awry (it does happen) they will take care of you. But you will probably get a small number of cuts and abrasions so if that weird you out bring some peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean your cuts.



Mud runs are a super fun way to bring some excitement into you running. I love doing these and the best advice I can give is to just do it! Even if you are concerned with not being able to complete an obstacle just do it. The races allow you to pass obstacles so don't worry.

I would say to be aware of the type of race you are signing up for. Most races are just for fun but there are some out there that are set up to really test your strength and agility, namely the Spartan Race. Also, some races have the first wave set up for competitors, those waves are usually timed and are set up so you HAVE to do all the obstacles. Any other wave is fair game. (Tip: sign up for "off-timed" waves. Usually they are set up in 15 minute increments, sign up for the 10:15 rather than the 10:00, there will be less people)

As always, leave your questions in the comments and I'll update the post!

I can't wait to do the Gritty Goddess again in October with Ashlie, it is going to be so much fun!


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