Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our 4th of July

 This 4th of July was AWESOME!!! 

Usually we don't do much for the holidays. We hole up and stay home for the most part. Barry's family is about an hour away from us and the way to them is always traffic filled so unless it is a holiday like Christmas, we tend to just stay home.

Not this time bucko!

Barry's Uncle Dennis asked us to come by Aunt LaDonna's beach house and spend the 4th with them. His family is not known for their planning, usually we get a call the day of asking why we aren't hanging out with the rest of the family :) At first I was like "Really? We're going to drive an hour and a half to the beach...on a 4th of July weekend where the 4th falls on a Friday? Have you lost yo' damn mind?!" 

I'm so very glad we went.

Bear Bear, Corbin, and Emma

Nana with Nathaniel, Papa with William, and Aunt LaDonna

Nana making William giggle

Bear Bear, Nana, Papa and Barry

Bear Bear with William

Papa with Bear Bear

Papa with Bear Bear

Aunt LaDonna with Nathaniel, Robbie with William

My awesome contribution to the noms :)

Papa and Bear Bear

Scott, Robbie with William, they were like two peas in a pod. So cute.

Seriously, the fireworks.

We had a blast with the family! 

Also, the fireworks...omg the fireworks! Not only did Barry's family have their very own arsenal of highly dangerous explosives (seriously, not a sparkler to be found. Go big or go home) but it seemed like everyone on the beach was putting on their very own fireworks show. I mean BIG fireworks. They started at sundown and when we left near midnight they were still going strong. 

Not too shabby for the twins' first 4th of July!


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