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Must Haves for the First Month - Baby Edition

While I was pregnant I searched high and low for a list of things that I would need when
I brought baby home. I found lots of lists that were fairly generic: You need a pack n play,
diapers, breast pump, receiving blankets, etc. What I really wanted was a list of things that
real moms used. Here is my list of things I couldn't live without during the first month.

Let's face it. Bringing a baby home is freaking hard. 
All of a sudden it is just you, your man and the google. 
Thank god for the google!

This list doesn't include diapers because frankly the man and I don't agree on which
diapers are better so I thought I would leave that up to each parent. These items are
my favorite things, some of them we didn't get until month two but I sooo wish I had
had them during month one!!!

1. Pack n Play : Some people think you don't need these. I happen to think I would have killed myself without one. I don't think brand really matters, all that matters is that is has a changing station. We keep ours in our bedroom and it is a lifesaver for night time changes. We keep a small, low light lamp next to it so we can see what we are doing without turning on the room light and waking up both the baby and your partner. Also, just go ahead and lay down a changing pad. Even if your pack n play has a changing pad that comes off the changing station just use a removable changing pad.

2. Luna Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector : If you are breastfeeding you seriously need a mattress protector. The first couple of weeks I leaked all over our bed. I'd wake up sticky in a cold, wet spot on our sheets. We bought a cheapo RE protector from Target and I hate it. I haven't used this particular brand protector but it has awesome reviews. Seriously, just spend the money, otherwise you are going to have a stinky bed to replace when you could have saved it with a $30 mattress protector.

3. Petroleum Jelly : No need to get the crazy expensive kind, and no need to get diaper rash cream. They do the same thing. Petroleum jelly is an amazing product that we use on the butt and in the creases of our little rolly polly. The boy's neck got a crazy shade of red (like a lobster!) because the creases would never dry. We slathered on some jelly and within hours that horrid red was gone! Now we just put it on after every bath!

4. Johnson's Pink Baby Lotion & Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash : I love this set! Everyone has their favorite baby scents and this one is mine. The baby wash is super gentle. Not that I would recommend it but I have accidentally gotten it in the boy's eyes and he doesn't squawk. The pink lotion works well and it smells like you think a baby should. This is completely my opinion but that pink lotion is what makes the boy smell nice lol

5. Carter's Wrap Me Up Receiving Blanket - Duck (Set of 4) : These are BY FAR the BEST receiving blankets I have used. I have about twenty receiving blankets that I never use because I just keep using these four over and over. They are thick, large, and sturdy. Beware - Carter's does different items for different price ranges. These blankets are of the "Wrap Me Up" line. If it doesn't say "Wrap Me Up" then you are probably getting regular, tiny, flimsy receiving blankets.

6. Boppy Bare Naked Pillow : I am a little hesitant to recommend the Boppy brand specifically. It tends to slip away from your body a bit if you don't hold it to you. That is the only problem I have with it! The My Breast Friend looks awfully amazing but you can't use it as many ways as you can the Boppy. With the Boppy you can use it for nursing, tummy time and sitting up. With the My Breast Friend you can pretty much just use it for nursing. If the Boppy would just put a tie on the ends I would be soooo happy. If you are going to get the Boppy you will also need to get the Boppy Protective Cover and some sort of outside cover (some Boppies come with a cover). I use the Heirloom Slipcovers just because they are a little more soft than the regular covers. Do spend the extra ten bucks for the protective cover. My little man has spit up on the Boppy more times than I care to remember and it is so nice not having to worry about the pillow getting icky.

7. Evenflo Simply Go Single Electric Breast Pump : This breast pump is like the little train that could. We needed the pump because I was having a spaz attack about breastfeeding (more on that in a later post) and we had very little money. This cost us around $40 and it has worked beautifully for us. I would definitely recommend using this is you have a forceful let down. If you're having trouble with your baby getting enough milk this product probably isn't for you. The product information sheet says it is good for only occasional (maybe twice a week) pumping but we use it nearly every day and it works great for  me. In general, having a breast pump is a good idea and it is a good idea to start pumping and storing early. I wish I had started storing breast milk early rather than waiting till the boy was two months old.

8. Carter's Hooded Frog Towel : I love this freaking towel. I have the frog one and the blue dog one. They were gifts to us and I am so grateful for them. We could not have afforded spending the money on towels and these are the best, most absorbent, thickest towels that I've been able to find. A lot of baby towels are made of thin, slick sort of material that isn't very absorbent. These towels are large and soft and I adore them. As I said before, Carter's makes items for every budget so these may be better to buy in the store rather than take a chance online.

9. Summer Infant Mother's Touch Comfort Bath Support : This is shown as being used in a bath tub but we have found it fits quite nicely in our sink. It allows the boy to sit up and it does exactly what it is supposed to. Nothing fancy, it just works. I really like the ability to wash him in the sink and I like that it is cushy so he doesn't bang his head on anything. The boy really likes to squirm.

10. Sleep n Plays : We brought Baby Bear home in this outfit! :D This particular sleep n play is from Target. I really love the Target sleep n plays because they seem a little sturdier and thicker. They are like little one piece pajamas and I just adore them! I like the zip up ones but some people prefer the button ups. As I said before, the boy likes to squirm so trying to button a million little buttons never goes well for us.

11. BATTERIES! Everything baby requires batteries. If you're buying a gift for a parent throw in a set of batteries. We use everything from AAA to Ds and we can never have too many!

12. Fisher Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper : This is the BEST and MOST USED item we received from our baby showers. When we brought the boy home we realized that we had missed a very crucial item in our baby registry: a place for the boy lay down during the day. We keep our pack n play in our bedroom, the crib is in the nursery, we can't just lay him on a couch. Then I remembered a friend had bought us this sleeper and we began using it immediately. Also, it is the ONLY thing the boy will sleep in. We tried everything and this is what he wants and he still sleeps in it at two months old. He loves that he is snuggled into it, he loves that he is sitting up (he has acid reflux) and he loves that he can be rocked in it. It sits just high enough so that I can slip an arm out of the bed and rock it with my finger without having to sit up or get out of bed. I also love that it is made for newborns to sleep in. Every parent worries about SIDS and knowing that my boy is in a rocker made for sleeping newborns just makes me feel a whole lot better. 

13. HALO SleepSack Swaddle Wearable Blanket : I love these things! You may think that you are up to the challenge of swaddling your baby but I swear to you that when your baby has come loose of the swaddle for the fourth time at three in the morning you are going to want this wonder of modern technology. I like this brand in particular because you can swaddle your child with its arms at its sides or out. Barry didn't like his arms being bound so it was perfect for us. Also, when you unzip you unzip from the bottom so you can easily check for a wet diaper without having to disturb the swaddle. 

So that was a TON of information but I hope it will help you with your decisions on
what to buy or at least give you some ideas to think about. 




  1. So much info, but so useful! If only I were pregnant lmao.... so using this if I ever get to that point in my life!

    1. I know! I just couldn't stop typing! It was kind of ridiculous. But I remember when I was pregnant I wanted the complete low down on all these items and I couldn't find it lol! Everyone was like "oh, you need a pack n play." and I was like I NEED TO KNOW MOOOORE!!! :D


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