Sunday, November 4, 2012

Menu Planning Monday: Chicken Stock/Soup

In case you didn't know...

I love Pinterest. 

Pinterest has single-handedly saved my hubby and me from eating the same
six meals every week. In honor of that I've come up with 
Menu Planning Monday!

Each week I will post one new recipe that I have actually tried. Some
will be awesome...and some will be horrid. :)


This past week I made one of my most favorite dishes to make
for the hubs. He ADORES it and I rarely ever get the chance to freeze the
leftovers. He's a hog.

The recipe I follow is from Skinny Taste and it is amazeballs. 

Yeah. I said it. 

Recipe can be found: here

I decided to change mine up a bit:


1-5lb. Young Chicken
(You can also use regular chicken breast)
1-Yellow Onion, Quartered
1.5-Cup of Chopped Baby Carrots
1.5-Cup of Chopped Celery Stalks 
(I left the leaves on)
1-Cloves of Minced Garlic
1-tsp. Sesame Oil
1-Cup of Chicken Broth (or Bullion)
Fresh Parsley
Bay Leaves
Black Pepper


1. Place the giblets (all the stuff that comes in the chicken) in a cheesecloth and tie it up.
I actually used a leftover corn husk from when we made tamales. You can be creative.

2. Place the chicken and giblets in your crockpot with all the other ingredients and 
fill with water until there is an inch left to the top. 

3. Cook on high for 4-6 hours or you can simmer in a stock pot for 4 hours. Your goal
is to cook the chicken thoroughly and slowly. Each stove and crock pot is different.

4. Separate the stock from the chicken and veggies using a strainer. 

5. Once the chicken is cool to the touch (but not cold, it is easier to pull apart warm),
 pull apart the chicken and tear the meat into bite sized pieces. 
Discard or use the giblets as you see fit. Let the chicken and veggies
sit in the fridge over night.

6. Let the broth sit in the fridge over night. This will allow the fat to come to the top and
harden making it easier to skim. Instruction #4 is very important, I left the veggies in the
broth once overnight and I had to try and skim the fat from the veggies. No fun.

6. Skim the fat.

At this point you can either use the chicken and veggies in another dish and save
the stock for later use or you can return the chicken and veggies to the stock and
have a pretty amazing chicken soup. Add rice or noodles to your liking.

I truly love making chicken soup this way because you really get all the good stuff
in the stock. I think broth tends to be a bit thin while stock, being made from
the WHOLE chicken and some veggies, is heartier and better for you. 

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. I need to get a crockpot lol. I left mine by accident at my old apartment! This is very helpful too; I usually avoid crockpot recipes in general because I have found that the vegetables lose a lot of flavor they keep with roasting or sauteeing, but I figured there must be SOME recipes that work hehe. And I hate thin soup, so this looks like a great way to avoid that!


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