Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinterest FTW: Dawn/Vinegar Miracle Bathtub Cleaner

I have a problem with my bathtub. It's never clean.

My home sat vacant for 4+ years, and during those years my bathtub 
just had a mental breakdown. The last occupants left the chain to the tub
stopper on the tub so I now have a nice rust spot in the bottom of the tub.
Also...I'm pretty sure my tub is from the seventies meaning that the finish 
is just GONE (meaning it is impossible to clean properly).

So, when I stumbled across this nice little picture on pinterest, I 
was intrigued.

Now SUPPOSEDLY this miracle occurred by the simple application of
a dawn and vinegar solution, a lengthy wait, and an easy wipe down.

I didn't believe the pin.

This is the original pin:

So I waited for my tub to get filthy, it didn't take long. The hubby loves to take
long baths and so there is a perpetual ring around my tub. 

When you see the "before" picture try not to judge...or scream.

Remember! Remember! 4 year vacancy!
And I did NOT pick out the blue tile...I just wanted to throw that out there.

I followed the oh-so-simple directions:

Items Needed:
1-Spray Bottle
1/2 cup of White Vinegar
1/2 cup of BLUE Dawn Dish Soap
Everyone seems to specify the Blue dawn...I'm not sure why. 
So! You preheat the white vinegar in the microwave for two minutes
add the dawn to the hot vinegar
pour the vinegar/dawn mixture into the spray bottle 
gently shake
spray down your filthy tub and walls

**I would like to take the time to warn you that this mixture stinks...
like really...really stinks. Like you might want to go see a movie...
as in I ran (waddled) out of my bathroom just to take a breath
Seriously, the vinegar is overpowering**

Then you wait two hours. 
I came back in two hours and my tub did not look any cleaner. I will
admit...I was distraught. I did a little bit of a wipe down and I was still not
seeing this miracle of housekeeping happening. 
I had to scrub. And scrub I did! I was 39 weeks pregnant and dying to 
get this baby out of me so the scrubbing was good for me (I think).
I took the rough side of a sponge and went to TOWN on that tub.
I was going to take a shower in a clean tub that night, by god!
After a fair amount of scrubbing I started to see progress and then
I started to realize that stains I thought would never come out...started to 
come out. 

I seriously could not get a good enough picture of how much my tub sparkled.
So my verdict:

*My disclaimer is that this is NOT a no-scrub solution as advertised. I did have
to scrub but I will say that this dawn/vinegar combo cleaned my tub in a way
I have never seen before. Now, to be fair, this pin was saying this solution
is for soap scum and since soap scum isn't really my problem I can't really say 
how it works against shower doors, etc. 
So take it as you will, it still worked. 


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  1. Wow!!! After 4+ years you finally have a sparkling fresh tub! I think despite the necessity of scrubbing, it totally was worth it!


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