Friday, June 15, 2012

A Visit to Old Town Spring

A little while back Barry and I took a little trip to Old Town Spring

It is a cute little shopping center (I use that term loosely) in Spring, TX 
that is full of quaint small businesses. There is Twisted Yarns, Connie's
Bath Shack, Simply Texas Gourmet Foods, and this past time we discovered
The Steel Horse. 

The Steel Horse is a small business that resells furniture decor. But
what is really cool is that their shop is located in what used to be the 
bank of Old Town Spring. That bank was robbed by Bonnie and Clyde. How
cool is that!

When you go in to the shop you can actually go into this tiiiny little back room that 
has the original bank vault that was broken in to.

The Steel Horse found some old articles about the bank and has framed them so
you can read about the history of the bank...while in the bank. 


I was in heaven. 

The vault is actually super super tiny, but back then people didn't really have too
many valuables. Almost everything was done by trade. We forgot to look but the 
very sweet lady working there told us that there was still bullet holes in the front of the
building from the robbery. 

I repeat: How cool is that!?!

The Steel Pony also had a cute cute cute little shop full of baby stuffs. Barry
bought a whole collection of baby toys for Baby Bear, and when I saw this I just had to laugh.

We went on a Thursday so most of the shops were closed down but
that was ok because by the time we had walked through five stores I was done. lol.

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  1. How fun! I totally thought the vault was super tiny too as soon as i saw the pic lol! "that doesnt jive with my memory of oceans eleven!" hehe.


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