Saturday, June 16, 2012

Preggers: Week 27

-How far along are you: 27 Weeks, 2nd Trimester - LAST WEEK!!!

-Total Weigh Gain: 18 lbs. 

-Fruit/Veggie of the week: Rutabaga (wth?)

-How are you sleeping: Meh. Lots and lots of tossing and turning. I keep thinking that I'm tired but I don't think I'm tired, I think I'm just worn down from work and basic financial worry. 

-Weird Dreams of the week:
     -I keep dreaming that we have two fish tanks and that all our fish are sick and I keep trying to save them (or let a couple die so that I can consolidate tanks) and they stay alive but barely and I'm sooo worried that Barry is going to be angry with me. I've had this dream a couple of times in varying circumstances. I know it is probably my fear of raising a child coming through because I know that Barry wouldn't be that upset if I killed off a bunch of fish. Shit happens and sometime fish just keel over.

-Stretch Marks: Butt. *grumblegrumble* 

-Symptoms: I am freaking tired. And sluggish. And 2 o'clock hits me like a ton of bricks. And my toes are fat from lower leg swelling. I have cankles. I am just now starting to understand the pressure on the bladder phenomenon. I could go on. 

-Fetal Movement: Yup! Lots! Baby Bear tends to move around at 11am and 5 pm. I'm pretty sure he moves around at 11 pm, but I'm usually asleep by then. I'm hoping this means he will be routine oriented!  

-Food Cravings: None! Except Hot Cheetos. But I count that more as a comfort food than a craving.

-Anything making you queasy:  Nope

-Innie or Outie: Still 100% Innie. 

-Emotions: This week has been a roller coaster ride of frustration. :) 

-Missing anything: Energy, granted...I didn't really have a ton of it when I wasn't pregnant but compared to the sluggish feeling I'm dealing with right now, I was the freaking energizer bunny.

-Best Moment of the Week: Having the baby attend Barry's first Red Carpet. :)

-Milestones: It is the last week of the second trimester!! While I'm not exactly looking forward to the horrors of the third trimester...I feel better about us slowly inching towards the finish line. 

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