Monday, June 11, 2012

Preggers: Week 23-26

So I'm going to cheat and lump together the last couple of weeks. 

I'm preggo, I'm allowed. :)

-How far along are you: 23+26 Weeks, 2nd Trimester

-Total Weigh Gain: 18 lbs. My weight tends to fluctuate A LOT (even before baby) so while on day I may be at 16lbs, the next day I may be a 20. I'm sticking to 18 until I hit something over 20 pounds. 

-Fruit/Veggie of the week: Grapefruit, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Head of Lettuce.

-How are you sleeping:  Basically, I can't sleep well. I can just isn't very good sleep. Between the shifting, the hot (AND cold) flashes and the completely random charlie horses, I never quite get to deep sleep.

-Weird Dreams of the week:
     -I'm sure I had some, I just can't remember them. I dreamed my mom moved into a really big, historically important, fixer-upper house. Random.

-Stretch Marks: Yes! *whinecrymoan* But oddly, not on  my stomach. They're on my butt. Sneaky Stretch Marks! I already had some on my thighs that I had come to terms with so this isn't the most devastating thing that could have happened, it is just a little disheartening. I haven't been putting the Bio-Oil on my butt so I guess its all my fault. :) So ladies, when the blogs tell you to put the stretch mark prevention cream on your belly, boobs, butt, thighs, and lower back - just do it! I've been putting Bio-Oil on my tummy and boobs and I don't have even a HINT of stretch marks but I neglected my bottom and now I have stretch marks. Bio-Oil works!

-Symptoms: I'm sure there are tons of them but I'm feeling lazy and I don't want to look through my pregnancy books to check. ;D

-Fetal Movement: Yes! I had jury duty last week for a murder trial (we found him not guilty, fo those of you who have to know). Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to LISTEN to very important information while your boy-child is kicking you six ways to sunday?!? And now you can SEE it happening so not only was I having trouble paying attention, I'm pretty sure that the judge was eyeballin' me to try and catch the kicks happening lol. He was a really awesome judge. :) 

-Food Cravings: I'm pretty content with my Hot Cheetos. And popcorn. And for some reason greek food is really hitting the spot, but I don't think these are cravings per se, they just happen to be my form of comfort food. Dinner is still a 45 minute discussion in my house.

-Anything making you queasy: Not queasy, everything, and I do mean everything, gives me indigestion. Me and tums are buddies. 

-Innie or Outie: Still 100% Innie, although I think I may have some outie action starting to happen it is still very much an innie.

-Emotions: I get frustrated. A lot. Specifically with Barry. He has been working a lot (yay!), which is awesome, but I don't get to see him as much and I am feeling very very needy. We are not a couple that does well apart. When we don't spend a lot of time together we get cranky, short tempered, and fussy. And our dryer just popped its belt. Not helping.

-Missing anything: Had you asked me that question thirty minutes ago I could have told you what I'm missing, but for the life of me I can't remember right now. 

-Best Moment of the Week: If I had to pick a single moment...maybe when I got my Belly Buds in? I can now play music to the baby :)

-Milestones: None really. Meh.

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