Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest FTW!

I'm pretty sure that many of you have heard of Pinterest aka - the best website EVER.

It occurred to me the other day that while I have 973 pins, I wasn't DOING anything
with the information I had greedily gleaned from people more creative than me.

Except for the food...I've been cooking like crazy.

So, with my larger waistline tagging along like an annoying little sibling, 
I've decided to make a weekly effort to utilize this plethora of information and
actually DO something that I have pinned.

It's crazy. I know. 

This week is about water. 

We all need to drink it...and most of us don't.

My main issue with water is that it is bland and basically I hate
drinking it. We all know how I love to keep track of things so I believe
that this pin is going to be my salvation as far as water consumption.

This is the pin, try as a might I can't figure out where the original link is for this
pin. The person who pinned it didn't do it right and pinned this whole person's blog
and not just the post that talks about this photo.

I love this idea! I do love my non-sweating, double insulated, straw included cup
but the fact is, when I use it, I have to think about how many times I've refilled
the cup so that I can calculate if I've reached my proper intake. This idea takes
ALL the thinking out of drinking water.

You shouldn't guzzle water 16 ounces at a time and with this idea you
can slowly drink your water throughout the day without having to wonder
how much you've had. You have a hourly goal that is easily kept!

I decided to just go cheap and re-use a Smart Water bottle. I guessed as to how far
apart I should place my four hash marks and I just went for it. If you want to go out
and buy a pretty bottle and then measure it all out, by all means, go for it. But you
don't NEED to do it that way. I also just used one  1 liter bottle (which is almost 34 oz,
double it and you have your 64 oz/day intake met) because really, I don't want to carry around two
water bottles. :)

So this is my oh-so-lovely water bottle. Notice the yellow tint? That
is Pedialyte! After looking at the Mio water flavor things I said to myself "Self, 
why don't you just put pedialyte or gatorade in your bottle?"

Genius, I tell ya! Genius. So now, to combat flavorless water, I just put about a half 
cup of gatorade or pedialyte in my water and it adds just enough flavor to make the water
less boring.

Less boring = more drinking!

So far this has been working out for me. I hope that this will help combat
my chronic dehydration, especially since I'm planning on breastfeeding and apparently,
if you don't drink enough water you can lose your milk and if you lose your milk you are
done done done! There is no bringing it back.

Yay for pinterest!


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