Monday, April 30, 2012

Preggers: Week 20

-How far along are you: 20 Weeks, 2nd Trimester

-Total Weigh Gain: 18lbs. According to me. And that is all that matters.

-Fruit/Veggie of the week: Cantaloupe

-How are you sleeping: This week has been awful. I've been really sick with cold-like symptoms. After a trip to The Women's Pavilion's ER (which was uh-maz-ing) it turns out that it is all due to Post Nasal Drip which has caused cobblestoning in the back of my throat which has cause an uncontrollable cough. So sleep has been out of the question.

-Weird Dreams of the week:
     -Dreams would require sleep...

-Stretch Marks: Still none. :)

-Symptoms: No real pregnancy symptoms. The second trimester is treating me pretty good. 

-Fetal Movement: Ok. I'm getting fussy about this. I'm not entirely sure that I'm feeling movement. My digestive system has always been boisterous. There has always been lots of gurgling, growling, bubbles, etc. So I'm feeling this thumping feeling which could be attributed to movement but it could also be my intestinal track throwing a fit. There is this girl on Facebook that is all up in my business (a whoooole 'nother problem with pregnancy) who is also pregnant who swears that she felt her baby move at 17 weeks. On the one hand I'm jealous, on the other hand there is no way that she felt the baby move that early. So I don't know. Maybe I'm feeling movement, maybe I'm not, but I'm not going to get excited until I know.

-Food Cravings: Annoyingly absent. Trying to find something to eat has become a thirty minute discussion in my house.

-Anything making you queasy: The medication for my sore throat. The doctor prescribed me with something called "Magic Mouthwash". I can't make this up. It is a mixture of lidocaine, benadryl, and an antacid. You gargle it, then swallow it. It numbs your throat to make eating and swallowing easier. Unfortunately, it also numbs the entrance to your stomach which leads to severe indigestion if you lay horizontal. :)

-Innie or Outie: Still 100% Innie

-Emotions: I've been too sick to have emotions lol

-Missing anything: The ability to take medication freely. Yeah. Btw, Robitussin is basically sugar water. "Studies have kind of shown us that Robitussin does about as much as jello to help sore throats and coughs." <- Doctor's words. 

-Best Moment of the Week: Mid-pregnancy ultrasound! We found out that we are having a boy! Thank goodness!

-Milestones: Finding out the gender. :)

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