Monday, April 30, 2012

Preggers: Week 19

-How far along are you: 19 Weeks, 2nd Trimester

-Total Weigh Gain: 15lbs. ? I think? My doctor and I have different view on this. :)

-Fruit/Veggie of the week: Mango!

-How are you sleeping: Pretty good, I'm flopping around a lot but luckily I only have to have one potty break a night. 
-Weird Dreams of the week:
     -I dreamed that my friend Michael finally got lasik eye surgery in Malibu...we live in Houston. 
     -I dreamed that I forgot I was pregnant and had a cigarette. eek! 

-Stretch Marks: No! Thank goodness!

-Symptoms: I've had a couple sleepy moments and my tummy itches LIKE CRAZY! Barry has a theory that my maternity pants are the real culprit for the itchy tummy. He thinks the high stretchy band is pulling at the little  peach fuzz on my stomach. At first I thought he was crazy...but I stopped wearing maternity pants for a couple of days and the itching went away, when I wore the pants again the itching came back. 
-Movement: None, I think. *le sigh*
-Food Cravings: I find myself eating enchiladas more but I wouldn't label it a craving. I'm still eating half melted ice at night. :)

-Anything making you queasy: Not really, I still don't care for the smell of meat.
-Innie or Outie: Still 100% Innie

-Emotions: I'm doing pretty steady on the emotions. Sometimes I have low patience and I get a bit snippy but I haven't had any wild roller coaster rides this week. 

-Missing anything: Margaritas...and crawfish...and alcohol in general. This is my second favorite part of the year (summer being the most favorite) and I can't do any of the things I normally do - sun, sand, bikini and beer. 

-Best Moment of the Week: I think I felt the baby move, but I was laying in bed...and I'm pretty sure I was asleep so I'm not entirely sure I didn't dream it lol
-Milestones: None, really. 

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