Saturday, April 21, 2012


I am so happy to announce that Heritage Knitting is now accepting credit cards!
This little beauty was free, the app is free, the accounting is free. You only have to
pay for a 2.75% fee for each transaction which is not much at all compared to 
other credit card companies. I am so excited about this, I can now take credit cards
at craft fairs which will hopefully boost my sales!

I had a moment of weakness. Don't judge me.

I made this little contraption while dreaming about tubing the river. :)
It slings around your neck so that your hands are free to paddle or do 
whatever.  I will be selling these as soon as I really figure out how to properly
attach the lanyard to the beer coozie.

We went to our neighborhood chinese restaurant for date night. We discovered
that in addition to the regular american chinese menu they had an authentic chinese
food menu. Barry ordered this meal, shredded beef with thai pepper and cilantro and
OMG was it amazing! It was so FRESH! No heavy sauces, no crazy flavor additions, just
the goodness of natural flavor. And then Barry ate this little orange thing thinking it was
a wasn't a carrot. It was a thai pepper. His lunge for water was h i s t e r i c a l!!!
I felt bad for laughing but it was so funny!

I had more photos from this week but Blogger is being weird and not letting me load them.
Hopefully next week will have more photos. 



  1. Speaking from a customer stand point, l o o o v e the credit card capability! I think that will be such a great asset for your upcoming fair! BTW, you so need to make some sale goals, just so that when you achieve them you can party!!!

  2. Love the countdown to Baby Bear cute!

    You'll be SO happy you have credit card capability AND so will your customers!!!

    And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new beer coozie idea, you have to make them in the right football team colors, right.....go Patriots! LOL....just kidding!


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