Friday, April 13, 2012


This week has been all about making soap satchels to
fill up my display for the Hall Elementary Spring Fling.

This is a book my mother read to me when I was a child.
As a grown up I've decided...that Gus is most definitely gay lol

I fully intend on reading this to my baby and teaching them
tolerance the same way a a gay ghost. :)

I freaking love water tumblers. I bought this on etsy from 
BusyBeeGifts and I adore it. It is double-insulated so it doesn't
sweat and I was able to personalize it to reflect my personality.

Best $15 I've spent so far. 

Let's face it. I like beer. And when you're preggers...
you can't have beer. 

But! Glory and Hallelujah, Barry informed me
that there is a thing as non-alcoholic beer.


I've had St. Pauli's Girl and O'Douls and so far I'm
loving the O'Douls. It's like having a Dos Equiis without the
al-ki-hal. It has saved my summer. I fully intend on having a taste test
of all the non-alcoholic beers out there to find my favorite.



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