Sunday, April 1, 2012


Ok, I know it has been a while since my last insta-friday post,
you'll have to forgive me...I'm growing a baby. :)

Well, my nesting has officially begun. With cooking. Feast 
your eyes (hehe) on cheesy grits, crock pot enchiladas, and 
breakfast sandwiches!

This is the second batch. We have a stand alone freezer and it is
almost full. Yeah. 

Craving of the day!

This is what I was doing this time last year and I'm selfish enough
to say that I miss it terribly. 

Mostly the beer...and the pool. ;)

But, HOPEFULLY I'll make oodles of money at the Hall Elementary
Spring Fling and the Texas Music Festival and I'll be able to buy another
quick-set pool for this year.

Fingers crossed!



  1. Holy mother of what!? lol did you actually stockpile all of that food??? And then bag and freeze it? I guess thats pretty smart, especially for when the baby is actually born too... You have such a Texan palette haha!

    Yay for posting! Im so glad you are back!

    Let us know of any projects you are working on for the Spring Fling and Music Festival too!!!

  2. lol yeah, Mom has a seal a meal thing that takes all the air out of the food and seals it better than a ziplock. It is really amazing. :) And yes, my palette is veerrryy texan lol and cheese based.

    I'll do a post about my booth soon!


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