Thursday, April 19, 2012

Craft Show Booth Layout

As some of you may know, I have a few craft shows coming up. Barry and I
have decided that while Etsy is a great source of supplemental income, it is not
enough for me to survive on. The fact is, I have superior products. I use awesome 
yarn and I don't do shortcuts. Unfortunately, I can't convey that information on Etsy. 
I can't tell people that my baby blankets are better because I use a smaller hook and
I crochet (and knit) super tight, I have to show them. And since I can't tell 
customers that my product is superior, I can't charge (and expect to sell) a 
higher price.

I fully intend on keeping open my etsy shop, I just wont use it as my main
income. I hope that I will start to be able to do a festival or craft show a
month, in the beginning, and slowly work my way up. 

So! I have been working very hard on my booth setup. The last craft shows I
have been to have been mediocre. I have made my booth fee back plus a little profit
but I didn't make much money because I didn't have a really cool booth. 
That's gonna change! 

This is my plan!

And here is some of my inspiration:

Thank you Pinterest!

I plan on using something like this to hang up some of my smaller items just for
visual interest. 

You can find a tutorial on how to make this at Homeroad.

Photo courtesy of : Mary Judy

This is where I got the idea for an L Shaped booth!

Photo courtesy of : Dirty Laundry (this is a great
blog post with craft show tips!)

One of my real goals this year is to try and add height to my booth.
I have repainted a teeny tiny bookcase to show my washcloths.

Hopefully this year with the combination of a new booth layout,
waaaay more inventory than I have ever had before, and my new capability
of taking credit cards I will be able to make more money!



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  1. oOOooOOoo yay! That sounds like a wise business move :D Excited to see some snapshots of your upcoming show!


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