Monday, October 10, 2011

Insta-Friday...on Monday.

It's official. I'm abandoning my 230 project. There are multiple reasons
(I'm not taking photos everyday and the photos I take are with my iPhone,
not my camera) but mostly I'm not improving upon my camera skills and
since I'm grumpy about taking photos you guys are not getting the fun filled
photos that I intended to share with you so I've decided to do a different series:

It is a spin off of The Pleated Poppy's Instagram Friday. So you guys are still 
able to see photos from my life but you wont have to scan through the photos
of my boring days lol. 

And I realize it's monday but I couldn't wait until Friday to do my first post.


I had to make a special trip to Louisiana on Wednesday to drop off
some papers for mom and Mark. It was my first trip that I did all by my
onesies! There was no one to meet me and spend the day with me
and I had to amuse myself. :)

I. Freaking. ADORE. This photo!!!!

I actually had a chance to work on set! We were doing a shoot for 
Boys and Girls Country which is a wonderful program for children who 
have no where to go. 

Happy Monday!


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