Wednesday, September 7, 2011

230 Project - Week 14

Day 93: Monday 8/15
I finally listed a baby blanket!!

Day 94

Not only did I list a baby blanket this week but I also
added a new product: Beer bottle cozies! It's ca-razy!

And...this one just happens to be Texans football inspired. :)

Day 95

I'll admit it...while Barry has been gone I have been having
a torrid affair with my local redbox. 


Day 96
Day 97

Isn't she cute? When she's quiet.

This event requires two photos.  

A pigeon flew in my car. 

I can't make this up!!! 

I was driving under an underpass with my window cracked about 
six inches and a pigeon dive bombed my car, came into the cab where
it proceeded to FREAK OUT right in front of me while I was driving
and then dive into the back seat where it apparently knocked itself out. 

I pulled over and just as I was about to check it's wings to make sure it 
wasn't injured, it popped up and flew around my suburban until it landed on
this window. I figured it was ok and after I had taken these pictures (because
I knew that NOBODY would believe me if I didn't) I rolled the window down
and out it flew like it hadn't just scared the ever-living crap out of me. 

Day 99




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