Monday, August 29, 2011

230 Project - Week 13

Day 86: Monday August 8, 2011

Day 87:

Another shawl I made for my mom. :)

Day 88:

We went to visit my dream kitchen from Ikea.

Day 89:

Kayden's Bday Party!

Day 90:

Apparently, according to the guy who was going to level our
house, there is a lake under the house that is caused by our
A/C condensation. Old A/C unit = TONS of condensation (aka - water)
that has to drain and instead of it draining into the plumbing
like new houses, ours just drains to the outside then it runs underneath
the house causing a freaking lake.

SO! I had to put a bucket under the pipe and empty it every
hour or so until we could run a hose from the pipe to my front yard.

Once the lake under my house dries up I'll be able to get the
house level.

Meanwhile my floors are all jacked up and some of
the doors in my house don't close. Grr!

Day 91:


Day 92:

Apparently (apparently I just love that word) if you search
"soap sock" on Etsy my items come up in the top results!


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  1. Love the shawl! It reminds me of blue skies.... aaaaah.


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