Monday, August 15, 2011

230 Project - Week 12

It really does seem like I am forever a week behind
on these photos. :)

Day 79: Monday August 1, 2011

I've started selling some yarn on Etsy. I've
bought a few lot sets of yarn off of Ebay and there
always seems to be a few yarns in the lots that
I have no intention of using and so I've added
a Destash/Supplies section to my Etsy shop.

Day 80:

This is a custom order I've completed that was
an absolute nightmare. The customer requested this
set of colors, should be no problem, right?


Apparently, Bernat Yarns makes new colors every season...
the problem is that you cannot buy last season's colors
from them. At all. Not online, not in stores, no-wheres!!!!

Luckily I had juuuust enough yarn left over from a
previous order to make this set of washcloths.

Day 81:

Hi. My name is Maria and I'm addicted to buying
school supplies.

I've decided to go through my extensive stash and donate
all the supplies that I have yet to use. I will keep one (and
only one!) of each item and then donate the rest.

I've had these colored pencils and crayons since I was
in high school. Yeah.

Day 82:

Ee! So excited!

This is my newly designed soap satchel!

I finally learned how to crochet in the round and I've
added these nifty little cinchers that take care of
the whole knot tying fiasco.

I love these cinchers! They're fairly cheap and make it
so much easier to scrub yourself! Now you
don't have to worry about your knot coming loose while
you're scrubbing! I love it!

See item here: Light Mint Green Crochet Soap Saver

Day 83:

It seems like I've been working on this shawl for forever!

I love this deep plum color!

Day 84:

I went shopping with Mom and we stopped at a Ross
and I saw these lovely shoes.

It took me 24 years but I have finally discovered my
inner shoe lover. :)

They were super cheap (like $15) and they
are amazingly comfortable. I usually don't go for
peep toe heels since they tend to pinch my feet, but
that is probably because I always buy shoes with a 4+" heel.
These heels are a bit lower but that is okie-day with me!

Day 85:

Mom's birthday! I intended to get a pic of the cake
but never got to it. This ICanHasCheezeburger will have to
do. :)


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  1. Love the satchel! That seems like a way better design!! How exciting woot!

    AND the shawl looks so great! I need curtains in that color lol.


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