Tuesday, August 2, 2011

230 Project - Week 11

Let's just dive right in, shall we?

Day 71: Monday July 25, 2011

Ol' dog!!! This is Lessa, daddy's little princess.

She was our first dog and she also happens to be
the best trained one. We had more time then. :)

But she is getting to be a little old, well she is more middle aged.
:) She sleeps more, it takes her a little more time to get on
and off the couches and she is packing on some serious
middle age fluff. But she is still awesome and sweet.

Day 72:

Couponing day!

First transaction was around $55 and I was able to knock
it down to $18 (that includes some of the Extra Bucks)

Second transaction was around $50 but I had EB from the
first transaction and a ton of coupons so I got it down to $14 but
then they gave me a $10 gas card and then they gave me
$2 in EB to use on my next purchase so really it was like $2.

Go me! :)

Day 73:

I heart instagram. :)

and I heart this cat.

Day 74:

We were irresponsible adults this week and went to
see three movies. We saw Captain America, Cowboys
and Aliens (Daniel Craig's ass was maaaaade for wearing
chaps) and Harry Potter in 3D.

I'd love to give you critiques on each film but I really
suck at movie critiques lol.

Day 75:

More instagram fun-ness.

Day 76:

Aaaand more couponing.

Saved around $30. The killer were the razor blades.
They're like $15!!!!! I had a coupon, but still. Final price
came out to around $19.

Day 77:

Scarlett...le poof.


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  1. Wow!!!! Your couponing sounds like its really paying off now!!! You have motivated me to try as well; I normally don't buy items that would offer coupons, but I re-evaluated and realized that at least for my hygienic items and makeup it really might pay off... Good job Maria!


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