Saturday, July 23, 2011

230 Project - Week 9

Day 57: Week of 7/11/11

We saw Harry Potter! I thought it was quite good.

The film was broken up into two parts which I think
was both a great idea and an eh idea. I love that they included
almost everything from the books.

I believe that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
was done INCREDIBLY well. The whole first part of the book was
all about making the reader understand the complete and utter
desolation and alone-ness that these characters are feeling which I feel
was done in a spectacular manner in the first film. That being said,
it doesn't really make for a great stand alone movie, but I think a lot
of people forget that this first part is just that - The First Part of a
2 film collection.

The second film is all action. I have read the books and I thought understood
where they left off in the first film and what that would mean for the second
film but I was still caught off guard at how quickly the movie started.

I am both happy and sad that this series has come to an
end. I think that everyone who had a hand in these films did
a wonderful job. :)

Day 58: Tuesday

A trip to Hobby Lobby had me thinking about my awesomely
wonderful friend Ashlie. This light green shade and pure white base lamp
is perfect for her. :)

Day 59: Wednesday

Ok, I know you guys probably don't care...but my suburban
has cellulite. lol!

It all started with Barry backing into a tiny little car
in the HEB parking lot. That created a nice green smear
on our paint and a little dent.

Not a week later the people across the street backed into
the same spot on our suburban lol. This created a much
larger dent. Since the our neighbors are very old and have
a lot of nurses in and out of their house we can't really pinpoint
who did it.

Then, this guy came and said that he could take out the dent and fix
the paint which he most certainly did (for $200 which is an awesome
price for the repair) but he left these little bumps. :) But he left the
number of his shop for us to go to so that he could fix them at a later date.
We plan on doing this but it has been so busy for us we haven't
had a chance to do it so for now the big dent it out...but my poor
baby has cellulite.

Day 60: Thursday

Best. Day. Ever.

My baby surprised me with a trip to the Downtown
Aquarium. :) We had lunch and then visited the exhibits and
the little carnival rides they have.

I can't explain how awesome this day was. Usually our outings
have at least one moment where we have a disagreement on
SOMETHING that puts a little black spot on the day and on
this day absolutely nothing went wrong. We fight/argue/debate
a lot. They aren't really fights like bad relationship fights but we
disagree on a lot of things so it is a big part of our relationship to
debate on our beliefs. When we are finished debating we are still friends,
we still like each other, etc so it isn't a bad thing but we do have a tendency
to get really riled up. :) I really don't mind our disagreements since
it adds a bit of excitement to our relationship and I fully believe that since
we "fight" a lot over these things, when the poo really hits the fan we
already know "how to fight" so there is no name calling, no one
gets their feelings hurt and we can calmly talk about what the real problem
is versus bickering because we have pent up aggression.

There is no pent up aggression in our relationship since we
battle it out over stupid things. :)

Day 61: Friday

Before and After time!

I have slowly been going through our home and organizing
the hidden spots in our home (the bathroom closet, the linen closet, etc.)

We have a real problem with taking something out and not
putting it back so when we have company we throw stuff
into the closets because we "don't have time" to deal with all.

Thanks to FlyLady "we don't have time" is no longer in our
(for "our" read "my" lol Barry isn't quite on the bandwagon yet
but he is getting better.) vocabulary. FlyLady has truly saved my
life, my home, and my sanity. You wouldn't believe what you can get
done in 15 minutes. I heart my timer.

So in 15 minutes I had the linen closet cleaned and in a more
functional system. Now that we have lived in our home for three-odd
years, we have a better understanding of how our home f l o w s. Now
that I have figured out the f l o w I can organize our spaces in a
more manageable and actually functional way. Before, I would
organize things but they just wouldn't work, now (slowly) our
home is becoming more organized and therefore easier to clean.

If you're curious about what that thing is on the top shelf,
it is a piece of driftwood from our fish tank. It is
very VERY fragile so this is actually the best place for
it but it is kind of out of place. :)

Day 62: Saturday

I let my friend borrow my Kindle so that she could try it
out before buying one.

I had no idea how attached I was! I missed it so much lol!
So, I spent the day (not the entire day!) reading and updating
my wish list.

Day 63:

I was having a blah, woe-is-me day and I found
this priceless I Can Has Cheezeburger thing.

It made me feel a lot better.




  1. OOoooOOOoo love your linen closet! Mine is so... empty lol. What do you put in your's? All I have are 2 sheet sets and 2 towels lol. What would u suggest adding???

    The Aquarium!!! Awww funness. I'm glad it was a great date!

  2. lol I have no clue. I think that home storage should not have a specific purpose that is according to everyone else. For example, if you don't use that much space for linens, but your shoe space is overflowing, I think it is perfectly acceptable to put shoes in the linen closet. :)


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