Saturday, July 23, 2011

230 Project - Week 8

It is a quite Saturday here at my home.


Barry is out on a yab (that is what we call a job - anyone
seen House Bunny? Awful movie but funny quotes.) and
Billie is out doin' what Billie do. So I'm finally allowed
to use the computer!! Yay! lol

Day 50: Week of 7/4/2011

This was pretty cool. I was on my couponing trip to CVS
and some nice person left coupons on the shelf to use. :)

I fully plan on doing this, kind of. I have a TON of coupons that
I really have no use for. I can A) send them to The Krazy Coupon
Lady who will in turn send them to families of the troops or B) just
place them in my local stores when I do my shopping. I could also
sell/trade them but seeing as I can barely remind myself to make new
listings for my etsy shop, I don't think I'll be doing that.

I'm actually kind of torn between helping the troops (who are
freaking awesome) and helping my local community.

hmm. Anyone have thoughts?

Day 51:

It was freaking raining! Holy guacamole!

I was reading that Texas is in a worse drought than
in the DUSTBOWL! The only reason why we are not
in a dustbowl again is because of the artificial irrigation being
done by farmers who are pulling water from the water table
underneath the ground.

It is a great idea for now...but what happens when the
water table dries up?

Day 52:

I. Love. Words With Friends.

It's kind of an addiction. Well, mostly it fills my
time when I'm outside with the dogs, waiting in line, etc. I
used to play more than I do now.

I have to say that I am really proud of this play.

108 POINTS! Holla!


Day 53:

Desta being cute. I love this dog...when she is sleeping lol

She is super high energy and verrrry needy - needy as
in when I go to the potty, she waits by the door to see if
we are going to do anything fun when I'm done.

Kind of like a toddler.

Day 54:

It's Slickers!!!!

This is our fourth cat that doesn't count lol.

We never see this cat. She is not really a dog cat like our
other cats. I found her under the hood of one of the trucks where
I used to work so we think a dog chased her up there and
now she doesn't care for dogs...except for Desta which is
really really weird considering her high energy which
Slickers usually hates. It really is weird.

Anyways, she is a super sweet cat and she likes to talk. :)
Lately, now that I have been home all day and the dogs are
calmer, when it is quiet in the house (like when I'm knitting
for a couple of hours and the dogs are sleeping on the couches) she
comes and sits on my lap. At this point, I don't move until she
feels like she is done napping lol. I want her to know that she
can come out whenever she wants to and that we love her.

If you are curious as to how she got her name: when I found
her in the engine and finally got her home we discovered that
she had two black spots on her head. We tried to get them off,
thinking that they were oil, and we found out that that was actually
her coloring lol oops! So we tried different names like "grease monkey"
and a ton of other engine/oil related names and we settled for
Slickers. Now it is about two years later and the dark spots on
her head have disappeared and she is so freaking dainty
that Slickers doesn't seem to fit anymore. :) But we
keep our pet names the same no matter what but we have
taken to calling her "The Snowball" due to her pure whiteness and
her great affinity for cat food.

Day 55:

Le Poof (aka Scarlett) an Ikea light fixture that
Barry brought home from a shoot.

Day 56:

It's my little squatter! She got a heavy head.




  1. I think the idea of trading them is the best since that is sort of part of the whole coupon thing... I know a lot of people have coupon clubs once a month, and maybe if you look into that you might find something even in your own little neighborhood!

    Otherwise I think I would support the troops' families. Just thinking about how horrible it must be to have your husband/father over there...

  2. Yeah, I think I'm just going to send them to The Krazy Coupon Lady, she delivers them to the troops since I will be sending my expired coupons there anyways. Military families can use expired coupons up to six months after their expiration date.


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