Thursday, July 7, 2011

230 Project - Week 7

Ok so I'm a little late on updating. :)

I blame the holiday weekend. yeah.

Day 43: Monday 6/27/11

We went to the new hibachi/sushi restaurant two minutes
from our house! I freaking looooooove sushi (it's a problem)
and Barry loves the hibachi grill. Good for our tummies,
bad for our wallet lol.

This photo is of my glass of plum wine. They didn't serve
my preferred brand (that makes me sound so fancy! lol)
but this one was still pretty good.

I really like taking photos of drinks. I haven't figured
out the fascination but I really enjoy it.

Day 44:

I've started couponing! It is a great outlet for my organizing
addiction. :) This trip was an okay success. I can't quite remember all
the details and I can't seem to find the receipt but it came out to
around $65.00, I paid $32.00 and I received a $6 coupon
off of my next purchase so really I paid $26.00. Not too shabby!

I do remember that the big deal was on the dove soap. Walgreens
had it on sale 3/$18 then there was a $4 coupon on one soap
that you used 3 of so it came down to $6 total but it came
with the $6 next purchase coupon so it was free!

Day 45:

My pets are my children. No one can tell me that having pets
isn't like having children. I refuse to believe it.

If you have to pick up vomit and diarrhea - you either have
pets or you have children.

If you spend more money on their food than on your food -
you either have pets or you have children.

If you have trouble planning adult vacations because you
can't find a babysitter - you either have pets or you have children.

And these are only a FEW of the similarities. :)

Day 46:

We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday so we went
to Walmart (hurl) to pick up a doll for the little girl and
while we were there we saw t h i s. I could go into a tangent
on how weird/stupid/speechless-inducing this is but I don't
think I have to.

Day 47:

I didn't get any photos of me at the birthday pool party
but this is a really cool little bit of history left over from WWII.

We were in Hitchcock, TX for the party and the house we were at
sat across the street from these massive towers. Apparently
there was an Aviation Base in Hitchcock during WWII. The house
actually sat on the land of the hospital that treated the
soldiers at the base. A historical society came in a couple
of years ago and dug up their front yard looking for artifacts
and they found a TON of stuff. Pretty interesting!

At this Aviation Base they had blimps that would patrol
the Gulf of Mexico, looking for U-boats and escorting
ships around the Gulf. These four towers are the pillars
of the hangar where the blimp was held.

I'm going to do a little more research on this site to do
a post on blogger and then I will link it up here.

Day 48:

This is the traffic that we would have been caught in,
had we not had the handy dandy gps map on the
iPhone that allowed me and Barry to navigate the back
roads of League City. :)

We don't really use the gps navigation feature since
the program sucks as far as picking routes but I
actually love reading maps so I just find out where
we are on the map and then I choose the route
we take. It's kind of fun. :)

Day 49:


I was dusting when I suddenly noticed the similarities
between Scarlette Le-Poof and my swiffer dusters.



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  1. I love seeing photographs of beverages! They make me thirsty for a fruity drink, some fresh grilling, and board games. Mmmmmmmm happiness. If I lived in HTown... Where can you find plum wine?? What brand do you like?

    Question: I do not understand the barbie. What is it? What do you hate about it?


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