Monday, July 25, 2011

230 Project - Week 10

Today I'm feeling what we here at the Strickland house
call Cranky Pants.

So, this is going to be a short post. :)

Day 64: 7/18/11

Barry's brother Billie has moved in with us for
a short while. He has moved in at a very opportune time
since Barry will be working in Dallas for the next couple
of months so it will be comforting to have someone
else in the house while he is gone. :)

With the layout of our house, it made more sense for him
to move in to our former office and our former office
was moved into our former guest bedroom. We only had
a single day's heads up so we had to just shove things around
pretty quickly. I'm terrified to go through all of this stuff
but I'm also really motivated since I really love my new office.


Day 65:

I discovered the Instangram app and I am now
thoroughly addicted. You take a photo, load it into
the app, add a filter and border and boom!

What used to be an ok photo of your daily life has
now been fun-ified! Expect to see a lot of these photos
coming up.

Day 66:


Day 67:

I have discovered that I really don't like to play monopoly.

Actually, I really enjoy monopoly but I DO NOT enjoy
finishing monopoly. In my family we don't finish the game,
we gracefully concede defeat so I've never finished a game...
until this night.

I. whooped. Barry's. butt.

And I hated it.

Make no mistake, I love winning (insert Charlie Sheen WINNING!)
but I really didn't care for the brutal way in which it is done with
monopoly. And Barry had no mercy. I was like I'm done, I've won,
we don't need to play this out to the bloody end and he made me
do it. I really didn't care for it. :) It was really weird. Every
time he rolled the dice he landed on one of my hotel-ed
properties but EVERY time I rolled the dice I landed one
of my own properties or some other safe place. I think I landed on
his properties five times in the entire game.

So this is a photo of the board after I won. Notice
I have ALL the properties and ALL the money...
Barry got to keep his beer. :)

I think I would have felt better had I lost.

Day 68:

I bought a slipcover from Anna's Linens (on sale!) to
cover up our cream loveseat that has been stained from
everything you can imagine. I miss having the light color in
the room, but I really like seeing a non-stained loveseat.

Day 69:

More Instagram-y goodnes!

This is our cat Slickers. :)

She is very shy.

Day 70:

This photo cracks me up.

It might get framed and put up in our house. :)


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  1. I... AM SO EXCITED to see how you organize your office!!! Eeeeeep! I heart organization!!!

    And I totally have the same feelings toward Monopoly. We usually just play until there are no more properties left and then quit. We don't even try to have a winner lol. Its really just a real estate game to us hahaha.

    Ummm, you have to tell me about this app. OMG.


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