Monday, July 25, 2011

230 Project - Week 10

Today I'm feeling what we here at the Strickland house
call Cranky Pants.

So, this is going to be a short post. :)

Day 64: 7/18/11

Barry's brother Billie has moved in with us for
a short while. He has moved in at a very opportune time
since Barry will be working in Dallas for the next couple
of months so it will be comforting to have someone
else in the house while he is gone. :)

With the layout of our house, it made more sense for him
to move in to our former office and our former office
was moved into our former guest bedroom. We only had
a single day's heads up so we had to just shove things around
pretty quickly. I'm terrified to go through all of this stuff
but I'm also really motivated since I really love my new office.


Day 65:

I discovered the Instangram app and I am now
thoroughly addicted. You take a photo, load it into
the app, add a filter and border and boom!

What used to be an ok photo of your daily life has
now been fun-ified! Expect to see a lot of these photos
coming up.

Day 66:


Day 67:

I have discovered that I really don't like to play monopoly.

Actually, I really enjoy monopoly but I DO NOT enjoy
finishing monopoly. In my family we don't finish the game,
we gracefully concede defeat so I've never finished a game...
until this night.

I. whooped. Barry's. butt.

And I hated it.

Make no mistake, I love winning (insert Charlie Sheen WINNING!)
but I really didn't care for the brutal way in which it is done with
monopoly. And Barry had no mercy. I was like I'm done, I've won,
we don't need to play this out to the bloody end and he made me
do it. I really didn't care for it. :) It was really weird. Every
time he rolled the dice he landed on one of my hotel-ed
properties but EVERY time I rolled the dice I landed one
of my own properties or some other safe place. I think I landed on
his properties five times in the entire game.

So this is a photo of the board after I won. Notice
I have ALL the properties and ALL the money...
Barry got to keep his beer. :)

I think I would have felt better had I lost.

Day 68:

I bought a slipcover from Anna's Linens (on sale!) to
cover up our cream loveseat that has been stained from
everything you can imagine. I miss having the light color in
the room, but I really like seeing a non-stained loveseat.

Day 69:

More Instagram-y goodnes!

This is our cat Slickers. :)

She is very shy.

Day 70:

This photo cracks me up.

It might get framed and put up in our house. :)


Broccoli Casserole-y Goodness!!!!

I made Broccoli Casserole for my dinner tonight...
and I'm having a small love affair with it.


I just modified your basic broccoli casserole to
reflect my personal preferences.

Maria's Broccoli Casserole of Awesomeness:

1-Large Package of Success Instant Brown Rice (3 Cups Cooked)
3-Fresh Crowns of Chopped Broccoli (15ish Ounces)
16-oz. Colby Jack Shredded Cheese
1-Can Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup
1-Can Cream of Potato Condensed Soup
1/4-cup of Butter
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt to taste
1/2ish-cup of Parmesan Cheese (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
1. Cook Rice according to package instructions.
2.Mix everything (except Parmesan Cheese) in a LARGE bowl.
3. Pour everything into a 13x9 Baking dish
4. Bake for 30 minutes
5. Top the dish with the Parmesan Cheese
6. Bake for 10 minutes

7.Eat it!

This is like the easiest recipe ever! A lot of recipes
just call for 20 oz. of frozen chopped broccoli which is definitely
cheaper but not as good in my opinion. Some people steam
the broccoli before they put it in the baking dish which
just seems like a redundant step to me.

What I love about Broccoli Casserole is that you can
change it up without making it any more difficult.

For instance, you can use cream of chicken soup, cream of
broccoli soup, cream of whatever soup you want to put in there!
lol and you can add a bit of shredded canned chicken to
make a more hearty meal. Get creative! It's fun!

And...because I'm silly....
when I put the casserole on my plate...
I add a bit of lemon pepper and cayenne to the top.

Don't knock it till you try it!



ps. If when you're done it doesn't look like the picture I have
included in this post - do not be alarmed, this is a pic of someone
else's casserole so more than likely it will look different. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

230 Project - Week 9

Day 57: Week of 7/11/11

We saw Harry Potter! I thought it was quite good.

The film was broken up into two parts which I think
was both a great idea and an eh idea. I love that they included
almost everything from the books.

I believe that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
was done INCREDIBLY well. The whole first part of the book was
all about making the reader understand the complete and utter
desolation and alone-ness that these characters are feeling which I feel
was done in a spectacular manner in the first film. That being said,
it doesn't really make for a great stand alone movie, but I think a lot
of people forget that this first part is just that - The First Part of a
2 film collection.

The second film is all action. I have read the books and I thought understood
where they left off in the first film and what that would mean for the second
film but I was still caught off guard at how quickly the movie started.

I am both happy and sad that this series has come to an
end. I think that everyone who had a hand in these films did
a wonderful job. :)

Day 58: Tuesday

A trip to Hobby Lobby had me thinking about my awesomely
wonderful friend Ashlie. This light green shade and pure white base lamp
is perfect for her. :)

Day 59: Wednesday

Ok, I know you guys probably don't care...but my suburban
has cellulite. lol!

It all started with Barry backing into a tiny little car
in the HEB parking lot. That created a nice green smear
on our paint and a little dent.

Not a week later the people across the street backed into
the same spot on our suburban lol. This created a much
larger dent. Since the our neighbors are very old and have
a lot of nurses in and out of their house we can't really pinpoint
who did it.

Then, this guy came and said that he could take out the dent and fix
the paint which he most certainly did (for $200 which is an awesome
price for the repair) but he left these little bumps. :) But he left the
number of his shop for us to go to so that he could fix them at a later date.
We plan on doing this but it has been so busy for us we haven't
had a chance to do it so for now the big dent it out...but my poor
baby has cellulite.

Day 60: Thursday

Best. Day. Ever.

My baby surprised me with a trip to the Downtown
Aquarium. :) We had lunch and then visited the exhibits and
the little carnival rides they have.

I can't explain how awesome this day was. Usually our outings
have at least one moment where we have a disagreement on
SOMETHING that puts a little black spot on the day and on
this day absolutely nothing went wrong. We fight/argue/debate
a lot. They aren't really fights like bad relationship fights but we
disagree on a lot of things so it is a big part of our relationship to
debate on our beliefs. When we are finished debating we are still friends,
we still like each other, etc so it isn't a bad thing but we do have a tendency
to get really riled up. :) I really don't mind our disagreements since
it adds a bit of excitement to our relationship and I fully believe that since
we "fight" a lot over these things, when the poo really hits the fan we
already know "how to fight" so there is no name calling, no one
gets their feelings hurt and we can calmly talk about what the real problem
is versus bickering because we have pent up aggression.

There is no pent up aggression in our relationship since we
battle it out over stupid things. :)

Day 61: Friday

Before and After time!

I have slowly been going through our home and organizing
the hidden spots in our home (the bathroom closet, the linen closet, etc.)

We have a real problem with taking something out and not
putting it back so when we have company we throw stuff
into the closets because we "don't have time" to deal with all.

Thanks to FlyLady "we don't have time" is no longer in our
(for "our" read "my" lol Barry isn't quite on the bandwagon yet
but he is getting better.) vocabulary. FlyLady has truly saved my
life, my home, and my sanity. You wouldn't believe what you can get
done in 15 minutes. I heart my timer.

So in 15 minutes I had the linen closet cleaned and in a more
functional system. Now that we have lived in our home for three-odd
years, we have a better understanding of how our home f l o w s. Now
that I have figured out the f l o w I can organize our spaces in a
more manageable and actually functional way. Before, I would
organize things but they just wouldn't work, now (slowly) our
home is becoming more organized and therefore easier to clean.

If you're curious about what that thing is on the top shelf,
it is a piece of driftwood from our fish tank. It is
very VERY fragile so this is actually the best place for
it but it is kind of out of place. :)

Day 62: Saturday

I let my friend borrow my Kindle so that she could try it
out before buying one.

I had no idea how attached I was! I missed it so much lol!
So, I spent the day (not the entire day!) reading and updating
my wish list.

Day 63:

I was having a blah, woe-is-me day and I found
this priceless I Can Has Cheezeburger thing.

It made me feel a lot better.



230 Project - Week 8

It is a quite Saturday here at my home.


Barry is out on a yab (that is what we call a job - anyone
seen House Bunny? Awful movie but funny quotes.) and
Billie is out doin' what Billie do. So I'm finally allowed
to use the computer!! Yay! lol

Day 50: Week of 7/4/2011

This was pretty cool. I was on my couponing trip to CVS
and some nice person left coupons on the shelf to use. :)

I fully plan on doing this, kind of. I have a TON of coupons that
I really have no use for. I can A) send them to The Krazy Coupon
Lady who will in turn send them to families of the troops or B) just
place them in my local stores when I do my shopping. I could also
sell/trade them but seeing as I can barely remind myself to make new
listings for my etsy shop, I don't think I'll be doing that.

I'm actually kind of torn between helping the troops (who are
freaking awesome) and helping my local community.

hmm. Anyone have thoughts?

Day 51:

It was freaking raining! Holy guacamole!

I was reading that Texas is in a worse drought than
in the DUSTBOWL! The only reason why we are not
in a dustbowl again is because of the artificial irrigation being
done by farmers who are pulling water from the water table
underneath the ground.

It is a great idea for now...but what happens when the
water table dries up?

Day 52:

I. Love. Words With Friends.

It's kind of an addiction. Well, mostly it fills my
time when I'm outside with the dogs, waiting in line, etc. I
used to play more than I do now.

I have to say that I am really proud of this play.

108 POINTS! Holla!


Day 53:

Desta being cute. I love this dog...when she is sleeping lol

She is super high energy and verrrry needy - needy as
in when I go to the potty, she waits by the door to see if
we are going to do anything fun when I'm done.

Kind of like a toddler.

Day 54:

It's Slickers!!!!

This is our fourth cat that doesn't count lol.

We never see this cat. She is not really a dog cat like our
other cats. I found her under the hood of one of the trucks where
I used to work so we think a dog chased her up there and
now she doesn't care for dogs...except for Desta which is
really really weird considering her high energy which
Slickers usually hates. It really is weird.

Anyways, she is a super sweet cat and she likes to talk. :)
Lately, now that I have been home all day and the dogs are
calmer, when it is quiet in the house (like when I'm knitting
for a couple of hours and the dogs are sleeping on the couches) she
comes and sits on my lap. At this point, I don't move until she
feels like she is done napping lol. I want her to know that she
can come out whenever she wants to and that we love her.

If you are curious as to how she got her name: when I found
her in the engine and finally got her home we discovered that
she had two black spots on her head. We tried to get them off,
thinking that they were oil, and we found out that that was actually
her coloring lol oops! So we tried different names like "grease monkey"
and a ton of other engine/oil related names and we settled for
Slickers. Now it is about two years later and the dark spots on
her head have disappeared and she is so freaking dainty
that Slickers doesn't seem to fit anymore. :) But we
keep our pet names the same no matter what but we have
taken to calling her "The Snowball" due to her pure whiteness and
her great affinity for cat food.

Day 55:

Le Poof (aka Scarlett) an Ikea light fixture that
Barry brought home from a shoot.

Day 56:

It's my little squatter! She got a heavy head.



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays: Charcoal Drawings!

I know this statement should go without saying since
the title of the series is Things I Love Thursdays but...

I LOOOOOOOVE charcoal drawings, ballet art,
this artist, her drawings and so on.

(I think her drawings are graphite but I like the way
they have the charcoal quality of them)


Listing Here: the black swan

This drawing speaks to me. :)

I really like the poise, the way the hands are drawn
and I really like the way the face goes into darkness.

This is most definitely my favorite.

Listing Here: dying white swan

Again, I love the poise. The only thing that I could
possibly pick at would be the smudges. But
I will happily take those smudges!

Listing Here: swan lover

I like this drawing. I'm not in love with it, but I really
like it. :)

Listing Here: pointe shoes

Another one of my favorites. She has a couple of
versions of pointe shoes. I picked a random one since
I couldn't decide which one I liked more. :)

All in all, I really like this shop. She does fantastic work!

Her shop is here: BalletArt

She has an array of ways to buy her art. You can buy
the hand drawn art or you can buy a print! I haven't
figured out the difference between her shop sections
"prints" and "just prints" but whatev. :)

I really want to do a collection of her work but I can't
decide where to put it. I don't necessarily want to put it
in the bedroom because some of them are kiiiiinda creepy
lol but I don't really have a place to put them

I must work on this dilemma.



230 Project - Week 7

Ok so I'm a little late on updating. :)

I blame the holiday weekend. yeah.

Day 43: Monday 6/27/11

We went to the new hibachi/sushi restaurant two minutes
from our house! I freaking looooooove sushi (it's a problem)
and Barry loves the hibachi grill. Good for our tummies,
bad for our wallet lol.

This photo is of my glass of plum wine. They didn't serve
my preferred brand (that makes me sound so fancy! lol)
but this one was still pretty good.

I really like taking photos of drinks. I haven't figured
out the fascination but I really enjoy it.

Day 44:

I've started couponing! It is a great outlet for my organizing
addiction. :) This trip was an okay success. I can't quite remember all
the details and I can't seem to find the receipt but it came out to
around $65.00, I paid $32.00 and I received a $6 coupon
off of my next purchase so really I paid $26.00. Not too shabby!

I do remember that the big deal was on the dove soap. Walgreens
had it on sale 3/$18 then there was a $4 coupon on one soap
that you used 3 of so it came down to $6 total but it came
with the $6 next purchase coupon so it was free!

Day 45:

My pets are my children. No one can tell me that having pets
isn't like having children. I refuse to believe it.

If you have to pick up vomit and diarrhea - you either have
pets or you have children.

If you spend more money on their food than on your food -
you either have pets or you have children.

If you have trouble planning adult vacations because you
can't find a babysitter - you either have pets or you have children.

And these are only a FEW of the similarities. :)

Day 46:

We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday so we went
to Walmart (hurl) to pick up a doll for the little girl and
while we were there we saw t h i s. I could go into a tangent
on how weird/stupid/speechless-inducing this is but I don't
think I have to.

Day 47:

I didn't get any photos of me at the birthday pool party
but this is a really cool little bit of history left over from WWII.

We were in Hitchcock, TX for the party and the house we were at
sat across the street from these massive towers. Apparently
there was an Aviation Base in Hitchcock during WWII. The house
actually sat on the land of the hospital that treated the
soldiers at the base. A historical society came in a couple
of years ago and dug up their front yard looking for artifacts
and they found a TON of stuff. Pretty interesting!

At this Aviation Base they had blimps that would patrol
the Gulf of Mexico, looking for U-boats and escorting
ships around the Gulf. These four towers are the pillars
of the hangar where the blimp was held.

I'm going to do a little more research on this site to do
a post on blogger and then I will link it up here.

Day 48:

This is the traffic that we would have been caught in,
had we not had the handy dandy gps map on the
iPhone that allowed me and Barry to navigate the back
roads of League City. :)

We don't really use the gps navigation feature since
the program sucks as far as picking routes but I
actually love reading maps so I just find out where
we are on the map and then I choose the route
we take. It's kind of fun. :)

Day 49:


I was dusting when I suddenly noticed the similarities
between Scarlette Le-Poof and my swiffer dusters.



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