Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays: Royal Hats!

This is a treasury I did back when the royal marriage
thing was going on.

I. Love. Hats.


I really wish that a) I looked good in hats and
b) Brit hats would come into style here in the south. :)

This actually isn't the whole treasury, but some of the
items sold so it is a mini-treasury.

Here are some more super cute hats:!

I freaking love this hat! lol The seller also has one
in a GORGEOUS hunter green. If I was a
redhead there would be no stopping me.

The Shop: HouseofNinesDesign
The Listing: Pretty Purple Mini Top Hat

Wouldn't this be THE most perfect hat for
a bachelorette party!? lol I would wear it.

The Shop: janinebasil
The Listing: Pastel Green Glitter Mini Burlesque Crown


*falls over*

I NEED this!

The Shop: BlazingThimbles
The Listing: Peacock Mohawk

I have a deep-rooted love for peacock feathers.

I can't help it and I wont apologize for it.


In fact, I'm so inspired by this item that I'm pretty
sure next week's TILTs post will be about peacock feathers.


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