Monday, June 27, 2011

230 Project - Week 6

I'm actually doing this on time this week!


Day 36: Monday 6/20/11

The day started

I had left my old rain boots outside the day before
and one of the dogs ate one.

My bad.

Day 37:

Not my kitchen. Boo!

I've talked with Barry about a mini-remodel
for our kitchen. It is very...dated.

So the plan, once we buy the house, is to sand down
all the badly stained wood paneling and paint it white,
then paint the walls a dove grey and when we get a chance
we will get the butcher block counter tops from Ikea.


Day 38:

Really cool thing happened!

I was playing around on Handmade Top 10
and all of a sudden, I saw once of my items, and my
name, up on the main page as a SPONSOR!
(I'm the orange coffee sleeve on the left)

I was like woo hoo! Wait. I didn't pay for this.
O.M.G!! What is happening!!!??

So I email the website's help guy and he told me not
to worry, he was just checking out Etsy, looking for
free sponsorship opportunities, he stumbled on my shop
and chose me for some free sponsorship!


I have had so much success from this (more views) that
I fully intend on, once I lose the free sponsorship, to put a
cuter item up.

Day 39:

New product!

I was crocheting a new shawl to put up on Etsy,
Barry came home so I asked his expert opinion :) on
the ratio of grey to navy blue (I know it looks black but
it's navy blue) and he goes "Oh, that is an awesome scarf!"
I was like's an incomplete shawl.

After some back and forth we decided that this was
and awesome scarf. :)

It has the angle of the shawls but it is only a scarf and
we really like the offset stripe. So I will soon be offering these
in school colors.

Its going to be the "Ivy League Scarf"


Day 40:

Not my photo but this is what I made for dinner.

Recipe Here.

It is Garlic Chicken with White Wine Sauce.
It's super easy to make and, according to Barry, the garlic
is really great. They don't really explain the "browning" of
the chicken. You need to sear the chicken so that it actually
looks brown so that once you simmer the chicken later, it doesn't
look like a sick...pasty piece of chicken. :)

Day 41:

Another new product!

This is a spin-off of my coffee cup cozies,
but it is for BEER! :D

This item is smaller than the cozies and it keeps your
hands from being cold and wet while drinking your beer.
It fits on both bottles and cans.

I love it!

Day 42:

I went to a baby shower on Saturday (I know this
is supposed to be Sunday's post, but I'm cheating) and
I gave the happy couple a handmade baby blanket.

Their blanket was pink and white for their little girl.


So that was my week. It was actually really quiet,
Barry was working all week (yay!) so the house was
strangely empty.



  1. Ummmm, so this is my absolute fav week ever!!! So much knitting hehe!

    1. In love with the kitchen. Im loving the grey and white combo right now, as my bedroom attests lol. Im so glad you came up with an idea that you can implement now rather than 10 years from now! Thank goodness! Those cabinets were just way to orange lol.

    2. OMG promo!? How amazing! You have to tell me more about the views you've gotten! Ack!

    3. Love the scarf hehe. Next time can you make the blue edging just one or two more rows? Still smaller than the grey of course, but I think making it a bit more visual will really make both edges of the grey stripe pop a lot more.

    4. Ok, so does the beer cozy actually work? Does it slip down at all ever? Let me know... I might make something like for my starbucks frapps and stuff.

    5. Baby! Aw I still love the brown and green. Its so... eco-friendly hahaha.

    This post, reminds me how awesome you are. Not that I forget lol, but I'm so happy you are my friend!

  2. lol I'm glad you like the post! The beer cozy slips over the entire beer. :)


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