Monday, June 20, 2011

230 Project - Week 5

I'm finally caught up!


That was a freaking marathon!

In the last post I had to fix the "Day #" bits,
I got off at some point but now it is fixed.

Didn't want you guys thinking that I was cheating.


Day 29: Monday 6/13/11

And I wonder why I can't lose weight. lol.

I don't normally eat a ton of deep fried food,
but every now and then...the craving strikes.

Day 30:

Poor Kinsey had to have surgery on her ear. She had a
hematoma that needed draining.

It was definitely an awkward place for the surgery to happen
so the bandage didn't stay on very long. In fact, it waited until
we got the door...and then it fell off.

Three days of fighting to keep a bandage on her head without
choking her followed and now she is doing much better. :)

Day 31:

Barry sprained his ankle on one of his jobs (they had worker's
comp, hallelujah!) so I went with him on this little independent
film to help him out. :) He pointed, I worked with some other
guys. It was a lot of fun.

It was so hard though! lol I don't remember it being that

I would love to do it more though. :)

Day 32:

Sick/gimp boy got to pick dinner. Freebirds.

Love the way it tastes, hate what it does
to the waistline. :)

I got a tiny freebird so I don't feel too bad, though.

Day 33:

My first ever coupon use! We used it at
Jack in the Box. Pretty awesome!

I plan on using more coupons, but I don't clip
coupons unless they are the brands I like and that I will
buy so my couponing experiences are generally not as exciting
as what you would see on Extreme Couponing.

Day 34:

Cracker Barrel for breakfast!!! I almost beat Barry
at checkers...but then our food came so he said
we had to eat and quit the game.


Day 35:

For a homage to Daddy, I bought an above ground pool.

Daddy always took us to Galveston so I became a
huge water baby. It was on sale at Target for
$150 + $180 for the saltwater system which I TOTALLY
recommend if you are going to buy an above ground
or put in a regular pool.

It is 1/3 the salt content of tears and you don't have to
worry about chlorine, algae killer, etc - EVER.

Do the research if you are planning on putting in a pool.


And now I'm DONE!

No more writing!

I'm flippin' tired! lol

Love you all!


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  1. I love, how 4 of these pictures are related to food. LMAO love. I have not been to Cracker Barrel since we moved to Washington State in 3rd grade! Wow! I have like a really good feel good memory though of it consisting of the smell and taste of Root Beer lol.


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