Thursday, June 9, 2011

230 Project - Week 4

This week I was lax...but I have a good reason.

This week, instead of doing a 230 project post,
this post will have photos of my Daddy who
passed away on June 6, 2011.

Day 22:

Daddy was in the military, he never really talked about
it other than to tell me that he went to boot camp with Elvis.


Daddy loved telling stories for their humor...not necessarily
for their truthfulness. :) But Barry and I are going to try and find
the graduating class of Elvis and see if it was true. If Daddy wasn't
kidding...I'm going to feel stupid lol.

I don't think he ever served though.

Day 23:

Daddy with my half(?) sister Brenda. She lives in Falfurrias,Tx
so I was happy to get to meet her. :)

Day 24:
Daddy in the beginning stages of his cancer.

Every time the doctor would come in whenever I was
around he would tell Daddy: "I can't believe you are alive...
never mind that you're harassing the nurses and they're liking it."


Daddy was what you could call - a horn dog. :) He loved
women and he loved children and he loved making children
with women.


Day 25:

Daddy with my other half sister Sandra. She is awesome!

While we were dealing with the funeral, I think Sandra
and I laughed more often than cried simply from the
absolute craziness of the family.


Day 26:

Another photo of Daddy with Brenda.

Day 27:

This is the last photo I have of/with Daddy.

Day 28:

This is my half brother Abraham (Jr.).

I don't have a picture of Abraham Senior and Abraham Jr.
together so this will have to do. :)

I also need a photo of my other half sister Susan. I saw her a lot
when I was 10-ish and still living with my dad, but after that
I didn't see her too much. She needs to get on FB. :)

This has been a crazy week...I've been doing well. I had
a small freak out in Smoothie King, which is where I was
when I got the news but other than that, I've been doing ok.
I was on my way to see him when Sandra called me, but she told
me that he had passed around 5AM, so it wasn't like I missed him
by 30 minutes.

I'm going to miss him, but I think that I will miss
the idea of "the perfect, doting, non-absent" father more than
I will miss Daddy himself. I know that is probably not a nice
thing to say, but we weren't really that close until he got his cancer.

Daddy was a wanderer, :) and I won't hold that against him.

I still love him and I hope he is in Fishing Heaven
catching The Big One.


Love you Daddy,

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