Thursday, June 9, 2011

230 Project - Week 3

It's that time again!!!

Day 17: Monday 5/30/11

Mom and I enjoy watching Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Don't Judge!

:) She also enjoys squeezing little Anya!!

Day 18: Tuesday 5/31/11

This. Blew. My. Mind.

Apparently, Rice University in Houston, Tx has a piece of the
BERLIN WALL on it's campus. I've included a link to Wikipedia
if you'd like to refresh yourself. :)

I had no clue this was here, Mom and I were driving around campus,
looking for a certain building and I saw this piece of concrete sticking
out of the ground and my first thought was "This is Rice U, wth is a piece
of concrete doing in the middle of nowhere?" this was followed
IMMEDIATELY by "This is Rice U, why haven't they fixed the graffiti on
this weird piece of


Then, when Mom and I finally made it to the building we were looking
for, I noticed a plaque on the ground. I walk with my head tilted down
because I don't want to trip over anything. :) It said "A section of the
Berlin Wall" I was like "Cool!" and I looked up...and it was that weird
piece of concrete lol.

Day 19: Wednesday 6/1/11

Margaritas and Steaks with Mom and Mark!

We finally fired up the Margarita machine from Mom's birthday
last August. I would just use a blender. While this machine is efficient,
it isn't that much better than a blender. Save $100 and buy a really
great blender.

Day 20: Thursday 6/2/11

I'm so official! My tall mannequin came in!

I have a table top mannequin that I've been using and while
I am so grateful to Mark for letting me have it after his mom passed,
it is a bit thick and a little old so it doesn't photograph well...
apparently people enjoy looking at skinny mannequins.


Day 21: Friday 6/3/11

It was freaking hot. And I wasn't at the beach. grr.

Day 22: Saturday 6/4/11

In deference to the heat, I bought a bikini. I bought the top
and completely ignored the bottom, instead opting to buy a
plain white bottom from Victoria's Secret.

I like the top, it ties instead of latches so it wont stretch out after
wearing it two times. Last year I bought VS tops, thinking they would
know more about girls with bigger boobs and would adjust their
strapless tops accordingly...that would be a big negative.

So instead of spending $40 on a top, I went with a $15 top.
Works the same and it is in both one of my favorite colors and
one of my favorite patterns. :)

Day 23: Sunday 6/5/11

This photo Cracks. Me. Up. Whenever I have a bad day
I look at it and giggle.



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  1. Ok, so LOVE you got a new stand finally!

    And the Berlin wall!? Craziness! That's super cool...

    Now I want a margarita lol.


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