Monday, May 30, 2011

230 Project - Week 2

Day 10: 5/23/11

It was a nice work day with plenty of knitting with this little
kitty on my lap. :) She is our outdoor cat that just looooves to cuddle.

Day 11: 5/24/11

It was Marissa's birthday! She came over to inform me that we were
going out for drinks.

Day 12: 5/25/11

I finally finished it! After many hours of work I finished
my first ever Simply Beautiful Crocheted Shawl!

Day 13: 5/26/11

Simple work day, I finished a couple sets of washcloths.

Day 14: 5/27/11

I went with Marissa to an Astro's game, we had to leave
early so I don't know if we won or not...but I'm not really
in to baseball so I'm not too crushed :)

Day 15: 5/28/11

This is how I spent my Saturday. Be jealous. ;D
This is Edward James Olmos...otherwise known as
Admiral Adama from Battlestar Gallactica.

I squealed. I wont lie.

Day 16: 5/29/11

Barry and I went for our weekly bike ride and frisbee golf tournament
where I try to beat him and lose miserably. :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I finally finished one! I would like to introduce you to my new line of:

Simply Beautiful Crocheted Shawls!!!!!

The shawl in crocheted in a V shape so that your back gets the same
warmth it would receive as a triangle shawl, but your shoulders and arms
are well covered to complete the coziness.

This shawl will be my Large shawl.
It measures 19 ¾” wide, 28” wide at the V (where the shawl lays on
the back), and 8’ long on the inseam (the V sits at 4’).
This size is PERFECT for a tall man or woman.

I am also working on smaller sizes for us short people. :)

The straight lengths are long enough that you can flip one, or both,
sides over your shoulders.

I have a queen sized bed, you can imagine how large this
particular shawl is. :)

If you are interested in purchasing this item it can be found
here in my Etsy shop.

I am so very excited to have finally completed this item. I started
on it around December and just worked on it a little at a time. I was
concerned that it wouldn't be a big seller but while I was searching for
other items like it, to find a price point, I realized that there are
no other products like these shawls. WONDERFUL!!! A lot
of other Etsy sellers are making these beautiful shawls that, while
gorgeous, are not incredibly good at actually keeping you warm.

I have finally created an item that 6,000 other Etsians aren't making!



Thursday, May 19, 2011

230 Project - Week 1



I'll do it!


I have seen this idea around everywhere and I've always had a tendency
to scoff at people who attempt it. It is the dreaded...365 Photo Project.

The basic idea is to take a photo every day that sums up your day.
Everyone has different rules, some people only take photos of themselves
doing something and for some people it is more about taking a photo
of anything that describes their day.

I'm going to have 4 rules:

1. I have to have a photo for every day.

2. It has to be a positive photo. This includes photos that
make fun of me when I am in a tiff. :) today...

3. I have to update weekly. I'm not going to update daily. Most of the
time I'm too busy doing other things to even think about blogging so
I will do a weekly update on Mondays.

4. I have the ability to choose an I Can Has Cheezeburger photo
if I don't take a photo. It is cheating I know, but as the writer of this
blog I get to make the rules, so there! :)

Now, as you will notice...the title says 230 Photo Project and not
365 Photo Project. That is because as of Sunday, May 15th (my start date)
there were 230 days left in 2011 and I have no intention of going through
all of my photos to try and find photos for every day before May 15th. :)
I plan on doing this every year and it is best to start on January 1st
so next year it will be a 365 photo project. And technically,
I didn't really start this project until Thursday, May 19th so this
week will be a bit short. I'll make it up with multiple shots
for the next couple of days.

Also, more than likely this will include artsy-fartsy photos but mostly
I think it will end up being photos from my iPhone. :)

Here goes!

S a t u r d a y, M a y 1 4th:

...cheating already on my first post ;) I don't have a
photo for Sunday so this will have to do.

Barry and I at the Smither Park neighborhood party/make-a-tile-party.

Smither Park is a dedication park to the late Mr. John Smither, a board
member of The Orange Show among many other things. The park will have
a memory wall (see article) and upon this memory wall will be tiles like the
ones shown above. You hand paint the tile with glaze, it will be fired then
put on the memory wall. The creators of Smither Park were kind enough
to throw a party for the neighborhood where we could paint the tiles for free.
Barry decided to do a picture of our home and my tile is reminiscent of
this long-standing tradition:

(This photo belongs to This Blog)

(Btw...this counts as photo #2 ;D )

W e d n e s d a y, M a y 18th:

I made this item about three years ago and I found it while searching
for my flat iron. :) It is a soft headband that you tie around your head.
I'm going to start making these, you will need bobby pins to keep it stable
and the tails are around 2' long so there will be some things to work on
but I'm kind of excited. They're very boho, I think.

T h u r s d a y, M a y 19th:

Barry and I riding on the Columbia Tap Rail to Trail. Please click
the link if you would like to know more. I fear that this post will be
too freakishly long as it is.

F r i d a y, M a y 20th:

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with my friend Celena. It was
AWESOME! Barry and I are going to go see it some time next week. Yay!

S a t u r d a y, M a y 21st:

Celena had her birthday party at the Richmond Arms Pub.
There were many MANY different beers (I think 84) so I had
a chance to try out some different beers. I tried a Frambroise (sp?)
and it was great! It tasted like a jollyrancher!

S u n d a y, M a y 22nd:

We have a frisbee golf field at the park by our house so we FINALLY
made it over there and played a game. Don't you like my form? :P

That was how far my frisbee was from the goal. Needless
to say...I didn't win. :)

I blame the wind.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Support the little guy! Buy Handmade! Series

I found this Etsy seller on Regretsy, a website devoted almost entirely
to finding items on Etsy that are...interesting. A great read for those of
us that lack a brain-to-mouth filter in this very PC world. (A warning,
if you don't like cussing or Lisa Lampinelli-style, no-holds-barred comedy
I would recommend you just stay away.)

For the most part, Regretsy is a website that gets a lot of flack from sellers
that don't take too kindly to their items being viciously poked fun at but,
there is a softer side to Regretsy. The writer (April?) finds people on Etsy who
are hurting for money be it from the recession or an ill family member or
anything really and she posts their shop on her website.

I would say that 90% of the time, the seller's shop is sold out
in a matter of hours.

So I figured I would start something similar since I seem
to be lacking in the blogging department. And, actually, most
of my posts will be sellers from her website...cause I'm finding
that I'm lazy. :)

On to the story!

GregoryPatrick is a seller on Etsy who is a writer and avid knitter.
He makes these wonderful, hand-knitted teddy bears. I'll go ahead
and let his descriptions speak for themselves.

After hitting rock bottom, I had to find a way to keep myself on my feet, fed, and striving towards better things. I've been knitting my heart out to keep the refrigerator stocked with groceries, hoping I can hold onto my home.

This bear reminds me of so many philosophies along those same lines. The teddy bear looks like it was handcrafted by someone caring for a boy who doesn’t know he’s poor (unless someone tells him). It looks like the kind of teddy bear that a boy alone on a farm clings to for companionship and love, uncaring of his imperfections and strange stitching. If we consider this crafting of knitting an art form, which it surely can be, then I’m watching my own particular art form turn into a lost version of Americana’s Folk roots in rural life. And if that’s the case, then this little teddy bear is definitely a portrait of a poor boy alone on a farm…. holding on tight to hope….

These bears are my courage, my inspiration, and my lifeline.

In the wildest ways that destiny works, I found myself out on this abandoned piece of property alone. I found refuge here because it was a place of quiet and solitude; a place to find peace beyond the turmoil that last year had wrecked me with, having lost everything, having become nearly homeless, having found myself with only a grimace and a dime to my name.

Throughout my time out here I’ve rediscovered quickly that I am a strong individual, a mighty, creative man who is loved. And so, I move myself now on a quest to recapture that truth. With all the heartache and loss I've experienced, I am still a blessed man; blessed with hope, people who care about me, and the God given gift of knitting.

This bear, in creme, was worked up with all the hope I could muster. His softness a comfort, his silent and kind face a moment of contemplation and prayer. He kept me company as I stitched him together, reminding me of the compassion that finds its way into the most isolated locations of the heart.

These little teddy bears are the key to my financial salvation.

My emotional and spiritual salvation are all entirely up to me….

Gregory Patrick

As of right now his shop is sold out (Thanks to Regretsy!) but
he is supposed to be making more of these great bears soon.

His Etsy Shop
His Blog

Please take the time to read his story and check out his items!

Support the little guy! Buy Handmade!!!


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