Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bikinis that I want to Magically fit into by this summer...HA! :D

The title is pretty self explanatory and if you see my previous
post on what I've been making for dinner you will understand
why I included the words "Magically" and "HA!"

This would be a late summer bikini because this would
look awesome against a tan.

I like polka dots.

Ok, I know there are a lot of ladies out there that have small
chests, but there are still a substantial amount of ladies who have
a bit more in the upstairs department. Do you have any idea how HARD
it is to find a strapless bikini top that is worth anything?

It is really hard. I'm hoping this top will fix all my strapless
woes. It has underwire. Yay!!

It's fantastic. But then again, all things look fantastic on her. :)

I am hoping that it warms up soon, here in Houston so
I can start running again...yeah...running.



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