Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Response to Ashlie's Post

Birdcage veils....

I love love love them.

They come in many different sizes and shapes but I like the one below.

I don't like veils at all so I'm giving in to Ashlie
by having one at all, but my compromise is that
my veil with be itty-bitty tiny!

Now, its just about finding the right


1 comment:

  1. In love with the fact that you will have some semblance of a veil!!! Eeeep yay!!! And I think this one is a very great compromise; I bet you can hook it up in a way that after the ceremony it could be even more off of your face and more of a detail rather than a veil too if you decide to. I think Im going to do that... cause who wants that in your face all night dancing? lol


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