Sunday, November 7, 2010

#48 - Ride a Rollercoaster

I finally made it up to Dallas to go visit Ashlie and we decided
to go to Six Flags since Astoworld doesn't exist anymore.

It's Ashlie! :D

This is the amazing ride we just had to go on. Unfortunately,
I accidentally stretched the photo when I took it. Shaky hands.

Ash loved the ride, I'm pretty sure I heard a giggle when
we were plummeting to our doom.

This is my reaction. Even though the photo was taken
BEFORE the ride, it's a pretty good indication of how
I looked after the ride.

It was awesome!

After a day of overpriced ice cream and single serve
cough medication we came back to Ash's house
and grilled! I have never grilled on my own so I was
no help whatsoever. But we figured it out and had an amazing
healthy dinner.


And in the morning we went shopping.

It was a wonderful weekend.


ps. If you decide to go to Six Flags 1) Get the season pass, it costs the same as a single day pass. 2) Wear a fanny pack. They don't allow you to leave your purse at the ride any longer. Now you have to pay a dollar at each ride to put your purse and other dangly bits in a locker. There may be all day lockers but we never saw any. In all, I think we spent around $7 on lockers alone. Wear a fanny pack and don't bring anything that wont fit in it. Also, you can buy the refillable drink bottles, but you will have to put them into a locker when you ride, so the dollar you save when you refill, is charged when you put the bottle in the locker. They have water fountains. Give up your Crack-a-Cola for a day.



  1. So much fun!!! Hahaha yeah, I even raised my hands up on that one; although I will never do that going upside down lol.

    Very adventurous weekend! Even though you were sick. Arg your health. Seriously lol. I love that second picture! You have to email it to me so I can print and add it to my collection... Peeeas??!

  2. I think that me being sick only added to the awesomeness of the rollercoasters lol

    and yes, I'll email you the pic


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