Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Items in Store!

I finally have new items in my Etsy Shop!

This beauty is knit with two different yarns. The red base is
your basic Lion Brand Jiffy in Mulberry and the silver fluffs are
Yarn Bee Gilt Eyelash in Twilight.

It was a ton of fun to make although it took me forever.

Not that the actual knitting took that long, but I ran out of the silver
and I was determined to find some.

That was almost a year ago.

I finally conceded defeat and finished it off as is. It is still
around 60" long, so it is perfect for most people. I personally love
a super long scarf.

This baby is my pride and joy so far. It is my own pattern,
even if it is unoriginal. It is made from Spud and Chloe Outer
Super Bulky yarn. The yarn is a wool and organic cotton blend
so it is not the softest yarn around but it is super sturdy!

I'm so happy I finally uploaded something to my Etsy page.
It has been almost two months since I officially quit my job and
while it has been a blast knitting all day, I realized that I needed
to actually upload some stuff. :)

I'm still trying to figure out how my pricing is going to work.
These items are for sale though!

I might even do a Black Friday sale!!!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

#40 (Part 1): St. Arnold's Brewery Tour

I have lived in Houston my entire life,

I finally made it to the St. Arnold's Brewery after
24 years. :)

I love this man.

So, you may find yourself wondering about this St. Arnold person.

St. Arnold is the patron saint of beer. I can't
make this stuff up.

St. Arnold (formerly the Bishop of Metz) spent his life warning the peasants of the health hazards of drinking water. You may laugh, but at that time (think 620s) the sewer line and the drinking water were one in the same. However, the water used for beer was boiled and thus sanitized. So, in a way, he was right.

But what was his miracle, you ask?

St. Arnold died in Remiremont, France and his constituents from
Metz (where he preached about the evils of water) wanted his body back.
The church said okie-dokie.

His body was exhumed and the procession made their way to Metz.
They decided to seek shelter for the night in a tavern. They were
saddened to discover that there was only one mug of beer left in the tavern.
The procession ordered the one mug and passed it around to all the
people in the party.

The mug never ran dry.


I'm not sure of the story behind the St. Michael Jackson
beer, I guess I'll just have to go back and ask them.

I fell in love with the Texas Wheat beer, it was
light and flavorful without being bitter. I also found the
Lawnmower beer to be very refreshing. I think that
my biggest problem will be having too much of these beer
because they are freaking awesome!

All in all I had a fantastic time and I will
definitely be going there again.


This was pretty cool - it is the street right outside of the parking lot for the brewery. It is one of the few places in town where you can see the original cobblestone roads of Houston. :) I was very excited to see this little bit of history.

I think I actually squealed.

#48 - Ride a Rollercoaster

I finally made it up to Dallas to go visit Ashlie and we decided
to go to Six Flags since Astoworld doesn't exist anymore.

It's Ashlie! :D

This is the amazing ride we just had to go on. Unfortunately,
I accidentally stretched the photo when I took it. Shaky hands.

Ash loved the ride, I'm pretty sure I heard a giggle when
we were plummeting to our doom.

This is my reaction. Even though the photo was taken
BEFORE the ride, it's a pretty good indication of how
I looked after the ride.

It was awesome!

After a day of overpriced ice cream and single serve
cough medication we came back to Ash's house
and grilled! I have never grilled on my own so I was
no help whatsoever. But we figured it out and had an amazing
healthy dinner.


And in the morning we went shopping.

It was a wonderful weekend.


ps. If you decide to go to Six Flags 1) Get the season pass, it costs the same as a single day pass. 2) Wear a fanny pack. They don't allow you to leave your purse at the ride any longer. Now you have to pay a dollar at each ride to put your purse and other dangly bits in a locker. There may be all day lockers but we never saw any. In all, I think we spent around $7 on lockers alone. Wear a fanny pack and don't bring anything that wont fit in it. Also, you can buy the refillable drink bottles, but you will have to put them into a locker when you ride, so the dollar you save when you refill, is charged when you put the bottle in the locker. They have water fountains. Give up your Crack-a-Cola for a day.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Ever Baby Blanket!!!!

It's done. It's FINALLY DONE!

This is my first ever baby blanket, and only my second completed
crochet project. We do not speak of the first project.

It is for Barry's cousin Ariana who had a baby I don't even know
how long ago . Her baby colors are
pale yellow and navy blue, I was so lucky to find the right colors.

This particular blanket is 100% cotton which I would love to continue to
work with but I don't think people would be willing to pay the price
for the baby blanket. It is around 37" square and it took at least 12 balls
of yarn at $4 a pop. Plus the fact that it took me for-freaking-ever to make
(although I am getting faster).

I just don't think people are going to pay for a $100-$120 baby blanket.
Parents are too busy buying diapers and other necessary items.

But there are grandparents. hmm...

My solution for now is to offer the same blanket in two different
materials. The cotton blanket (for the g-parents to buy) and then
an acrylic blanket (which is just as soft, though much
cheaper) for the parents to buy.

I'm just happy to be finished with this project.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Response to Ashlie's Post

Birdcage veils....

I love love love them.

They come in many different sizes and shapes but I like the one below.

I don't like veils at all so I'm giving in to Ashlie
by having one at all, but my compromise is that
my veil with be itty-bitty tiny!

Now, its just about finding the right


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