Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Rustic, Woodland Love

What started this nonsense:

My Etsy Treasury

*le sigh*

I may have changed my mind.

As much as I love my green and clean wedding,
there is something about this rustic, burgundy and cream

This also allows me to wear a light cream colored
dress and not look weird against my bridesmaids or the white
accents of my previous idea.

I love these colors, I love the idea of getting married
in the fall, I love that I can do this without including pumpkins.

And it would/could still take place at night. But I would
stay away from the "fairytale" or "magical" wedding theme.

I like it all, but I'm going to really think about all of this.

I think it is all very beautiful.



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  2. Well u already know my thoughts about your epiphany so enough said lol. I still think you both should actually get married, cause you both love eachother and are dedicated to eachother... which is marriage hehe. But anywho, Im getting over my bout of selfishness we all go through regarding our wedding ideas, and am looking forward to the physical representation of your vision! I know ours will still be very different, and maybe instead we can really share ideas. I think it will be great!


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