Saturday, July 24, 2010

Livingroom Decor

I'll go ahead and apologize in advance for the quality of the
photos. :) I refuse to use the auto setting on my camera
but I'm still playing around with the options.

Therefore...I get photos that kind of make sense,
but they are either too dark,
or too light,
or too dark in some place and too light in others
in the same photo.

I'll figure it out one day.


On to the real reason for this post, a few weekends ago
Ashlie and I went on a shopping spree. I'm talking about
twelve hours of pillows, curtains, bedding, paintings
and the list goes on. While at Garden Ridge, we spotted a
super cute, ceramic, bird embossed, vase. I loved it
and it was only $4. But I couldn't find a use for it. I thought
out my entire livingroom and I could NOT find a
place for it. So I walked away.

Last weekend I went again, to buy some more of the
awesome toile bins and Garden Ridge had the same
embossed vases, only now there were four different
kinds! And then inspiration hit and suddenly I had a
purpose for each vase. So excited!

That's the back story, here are the photos:

Too cute! I'm the kind of person who needs a place for
everything. I can't just put the remotes on the same spot
of the bookshelf every night, I must have a vase! Now,
every night before I go to bed, the remotes get put away!

Same song, second verse. When I watch movies, I bite
my nails. Well, not really bite, more like gnaw.
I can't help it.
So I said to myself, why not have a little vase that
can hold nail stuff?That way, instead of biting my
nails, I can do them and they'll be pretty!

Evil mail. It takes over the house. If I don't have
a spot for it, it ends up on the table, in the kitchen,
in the bedroom, on the washer, on top of the refrigerator,
IN the refrigerator.

Yeah. Not kidding.

This is what it looks like so far.

I hope to get new sofas soon, but it may be a while.

Barry has had a ton of work come up and he only gets the weekends off,
and then he gets booked on the weekends for other shoots
and suddenly I have no car or time with him.


On the upside, we're going tubing next weekend with the family!!!



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Theresa: Baby Blankets!!

This particular blanket can be made in any dimension,
with just about any color combination.

I wont lie, I'm dying to make this.



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