Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aisle Flowers

This is more a note to myself rather than a blog post, but seeing as I don't own a "Wedding Notebook" per-say...this will have to do.

While I really like this idea above, I have a train on my wedding
dress. I don't want to be at the alter and realize I've taken 73% of the flowers
with me.

This, I believe, is a much better idea. I like the flower

placement, I just hope guests don't kick them all over the place.

There will be a beating. :)

I also LOVE the hanging flower bunch but I think I'm going to go with

just your basic white daisy, (Hey! I like 'em!), with christmas lights, of course.

Basically, I want my wedding the be a blaze of soft lighting. It looks great in the

pictures too.

Just be sure to bring your bug spray, k? Thanks.


ps. My computer is being weird with the formatting of this post. Don't worry, it's pissing me off too lol


  1. Hehehe the maid of honors job would be sooo time consuming once you reached the altar lmao. Niiice. You know I actually think the latter flower path idea looks beter anyways. And of course, for me, balls of hanging hydrangeas are magnificent lol but any flowers will do Im sure! Aw I cant wait for this day hehe.

  2. :) I can't wait either!!! I was supposed to go see Oak Wind B&B this past weekend with a friend (intern at work) who is getting married next year. She was like "I'm going to go see wedding halls this weekend, what are you going to do" *pause* Me: "I'm going to go see wedding halls this weekend." lol We were going to go sat but I got sick with a HUGE headache/hangover. (I've decided to stop drinking for a year, meaning nothing but water). So I didn't go but she went with a friend of hers so she took pics for me (I think).

    But I can make an appointment real easy, so when you come over when Barry is gone for a weekend, we'll go check it out. :)

    I've seen some really cool center aisle flowers, but, again, train. So I don't know. I really didn't like the idea, kinda thought it was tacky until I started thinking about how an aisle looks in an outdoor wedding. The flowers really make it more of an engagement rather than a function.


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