Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soap Satchels!!!

I have a new product that I am extremely excited about:

The Soap Satchel!!!

You can thank Barry for the name. :)

The basic idea is that this item is a pouch,
you put some of your favorite bar soap in the pouch
add water
and scrub a dub dub!

These satchels are FANTASTIC for sensitive skin. They're made
with 100% cotton and they're super super soft. I've been using mine for
about a week now.

If you're looking for something to scrape the top
layer of your skin off for shaving...this isn't your thing. But
it is perfect for daily scrubbing.

The soap shown in the photos is tiny, these satchels
are made for your basic, full sized bar soaps.

Another really cool thing:

I made this up. Not the idea of putting bar soap in a pouch
but the pattern. It's all mine!!!

So Excited!!!


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