Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hall Elementary Spring Fling Carnival

Last weekend I attended the Spring Fling Carnival for Hall Elementary.

It was kind of fun, I didn't sell any items but at the end of the day a lady came up to me and asked if I gave lessons.

I was like "Yeessss?"

I explained that I had never done such a thing but that I was willing to try, so we set it up!

I realize this is a crappy setup. :)
I was alone, with limited product, and limited stands.
I know it can be better.

My dishcloths!!!

All in all it could have been a better day, but I still had fun. I learned some things and now I have room to grow. Weekend knitting lessons here I come!!!


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  1. I actually think the dishcloth set up is great! Maybe getting a bunch of different sized baskets would be a good idea, putting big ones in the back and little ones in front? I dont know lol. I still think its crazy that you were at the elementary school I went to from kindergarden through 2nd grade! Craziness!!

    Each of these experiences will at least be learning experiences if not profitable at this point... you need better marketing hahaha! Once you get a logo and everything set up you could make a large backdrop board with the logo on it for behind your set up too? And then of course have all your little cards and such. Did you get any other ideas about different useful things to make as well?


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